Sound. You cannot see it. You don’t smell it. You cannot touch it. Maybe you feel it. Sound is an intangible energy which is effectiv. Always.

What it is about

I wrote a book about SOUND as an INTANGIBLE DESIGN POWER (German: «Sound – Wenn Design die Materie verlässt«) that introduces you as a professional designer to a new universe in the range of working with this invisible, but improbably powerful dimension. It is not a book about sound design but a book about designing WITH sound. It contains a whole lot of experience and it is a practical guide outlining a new thinking model for designers working in the fields of communication, branding, product design and architecture: sound as a new design dimension.

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Sound – intangible design power

This book targets design professionals in:

  • Electronic media, screen design, app design, web design
  • Photography, graphic & visual design
  • Architecture, interior design
  • Shop-Design, point of sales, shopping center design
  • Event design
  • Museums, exhibitions, fair & trade show design
  • Product design
  • Branding

In addition the book is also for musicians, sound designers and students in the field of media, architecture and product design.

Why I need your support

The book is written and now I need your support to publish it. Lectorship, editory, design and cover design and a first printing of 100 books. And if the target is surpassed I can even realize the translation into english.