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From Soundscape to Soundshape

How does my favorite sound look as sculpture?

Sound Shifting is a project that focuses on the three-dimensional representation of sounds and music. The result is sculptural sound visualizations, so-called «sound reliefs», which, through their formal and aesthetic features, provide information about the sounds presented.

I started the project in 2015 during an Artist in Residence stay in Aarau, Switzerland. It was an attempt to transform characteristic sounds of the city into three-dimensional reliefs. For this purpose I have developed an apparatus «Audio Foam Cutter v1». The first «Sound Reliefs» were made of plaster.

To make these reliefs even bigger and more meaningful, I ask for your support.

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The new Machine «Audio Foam Cutter v3»

It is about the further development of a machine I have built with which you can cut in real time sound into styrofoam and other similar materials. It is designed to be larger and more precise than its predecessors and is equipped with a CNC control system.

The current machine «AFC v2» consists of a hot-wire cutter mounted on a servo motor that is controlled by audio signals. This combination allows users to cut the sound input vertically and in real-time into the material as it is passed through the machine. The resulting cutouts are used to create casting molds or can stand alone as tiny sound sculptures.

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What are you getting? And what happens to the money?

For your support you get works from me. From a small acoustic business card with your name to an exclusive bronze sculptrue. You can also send me your favorite sound or music and I’ll make you a sound relief in the desired format. Or you book a workshop and come to my studio.

Obviously, the construction of the new machine costs money. As a cost I have machine components, control electronics, control software and also personnel support for programming. The rest are material and shipping costs for the rewards.

5000 € Material costs (control system, software, machine parts) 1000 € Material - Shipping (Rewards)

If you have any questions, please send me an email to info@soundshifting.at. You can also support me by forwarding, sharing or likest the project. Many Thanks!

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