Organise your spices and optimise you kitchen space! A kit of magnetic clickable jars super simple to use and install. Bring some colour in your kitchen!

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Successfully concluded on 26/11/2022

Organise your spices, optimise you kitchen space!

Stop searching for your spices!
 Use your kitchen space more efficiently.
 Buy your spices in bulk
, fill up the magnetic jars and click them up! It’s ecological, practical and it spices up your kitchen! ;)

Delivery early December, right on time for the Christmas presents! :)

Super simple to set-up!

Spiceclick! is ready to be used and easy to install.

It is shipped into one single box that contains : 8 magnetic clickable jars (107ml)
 (each super strong magnet can hold more than 800gr) 1 self-sticking metal base (50cm x 4cm)
 1 silicone collapsible funnel 9 labels (1 spare for the clumsy ones :) )

You have a lot of spices ? No problem just add kits at will!

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