Invisible clothes – clothes of truth...??

It is not only Queen Sophia of Gentian who is anxious to find out the workings of such wonderful clothes – this also goes for the inquisitive audience which is already looking forward to the delightful and contemplative adaption of the fairy tale «The Emperor’s New Clothes» written by Simone Gysel for grown-ups and for children from the age of 10 years, with music ranging from classical to jazz and swing. And the members of the cast under the direction of Mirjam Wiggenhauser are raring to transport their audience to a modern age of olden days while provoking it to laughter and tears.

Have we aroused YOUR curiousity as well? Then join in on wemakeit, so that we can actually make it happen!

Who is a part of this project?

The composer and author Simone Gysel has caught the bug of expressing subjects close to her heart via musical and theatrical means. Her enthusiasm has infected the singers and musicians Åsa Dornbusch, Charla Hofstetter, Misa Lamdark, Andrea Pfenninger, Barbara Suter and Annina von Sax. Also on board are the director Mirjam Wiggenhauser, Olivia Brun (assistant to the director) and Brianna Hofstetter (teenage ensemble member), as well as additional backstage helpers.


What are our performances to-be?

We plan to perform the piece at least eight times from May to July 2016, this in smaller venues: in Zürich (May 11-14, 2016, Theater Stadelhofen), in Wil SG (May 28, 2016, Kulturwerkstatt), in Uitikon (May 29, 2016, Üdiker Huus, Grosser Saal), in Wettingen (June 18, 2016, Konzertsaal Margeläcker) as well as in Winterthur (June 19, 2016, Kongress- and Kirchgemeindehaus Liebestrasse, Theatersaal). Save the date, so you don’t miss us in any case!!

What do we need your support for?

We are working with as small a budget as possible, and the artists’ compensation as well as that of the other participants is very modest, quite aside from the enormous amount of unpaid work which is being put into the project. Despite this fact there are certain minimal costs to be covered, such as expenses and fees as well as costs for rent, costumes etc.

The proceeds from wemakeit will primarily be used to cover the remuneration for the directing and lighting – both these services are essential for the piece. Any surplus money will go towards the fees for the six professional singers/musicians.


What will you receive in return?

First and foremost: a good feeling! Plus you can take your pick from various exclusive rewards, in the happy knowledge that also thanks to YOU our project can be realised – and that all the inquisitive minds can really see our piece and set their minds at rest.

And last, but not least: We offer you our heartfelt thank you!