What is it about

«Sport-social & charity tool» is a project that promotes sport values and the models «Sport is modern», «Sport with cause», «Charity sport» among young and active people in Bulgaria. Association Footura’s events are various and for various audience. The most important for us is to create impact over the community, over the young and talented children and youths, over the active people; we increase their healthy and sport culture, we communicate with them, we open doors and society & inclusion opportunities, we help through our charity events and informational campaigns. Why we do it? Our team consists of active amateur players and we feel how important is to be fit, to have sport community, to develop your health, sport and social skills and competences…

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Why you should back this project

What you will get supporting us is unbelievable impact in our community reaching to many youths practicing football, tennis, table tennis, field hockey. But on first place, they will be informed and prepared for their future healthy and active lifestyle. For some of them, it could be a lifetime opportunity and professional realization in sport – through our mentorship, traineeship and scholarship programs.

Footura’s moto is: We are here to help, prevent and socialize through the universal principles of Sport.

What you will get

Your support will be used for development of the models mentioned above + will help us organize many new events like seminars and workshops, will help us to create much more tournaments for youths and much more charity initiatives, will allow us to make new donations, scholarships and support to the people that really need all that. One of the great virtues of sport is that through it someone can help in the best possible and positive way – both for the giver and for the receiver avoiding self-pity, sympathy, embarrassment, etc. And if professional sport everything is at any price and there must be defeated, humiliated, here – in charity sports – all are winners and decent people.