Play your favorite sport anytime, anywhere

Hey there! We are Tim & Janine and we want to share our passion for sport with you! In May 2019 we founded our startup, which is dedicated to the idea of making sports equipment easily accessible for everyone, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to you can spontaneously play your favorite sport at your favorite spot without having to bring your own equipment. How? Simply by renting your sports equipment through a rental vending machine which we call the «Sportainer».


Play in the now… provides you with the flexibility to play a variety of sports for only 5 CHF per hour! We spare you the trouble of having to bring your own basketball, volleyball or badminton set and you can even use them all on the spot.

Do you feel adventurous and want to try something new? How about Free Skates? Simply try them with before making your purchase decision.

This is what we need backing for.

We have validated our idea with a large number of potential customers and have already rented out our first equipment during a successful field test in November 2018. The feedback was incredible. In June 2019 we placed our first prototype in Zurich in collaboration with the Sportamt Zürich. So far we have funded our project completely from our own savings and we have quit our jobs to work on it full time.

But we don’t want to stop here! wants to make sports accessible for you and your friends across Switzerland! In order to place our Sportainers near you, we will need your backing:

With 20’000 CHF we will be able to produce and place 1 small Sportainer (rental vending machine)

With 30’000 CHF we will be able to produce and place 1 big Sportainer (rental vending machine)

With 40’000 CHF we will be able to produce and place 2 small Sportainers (rental vending machines)

With 50’000 CHF we will be able to produce and place 1 small & 1 big Sportainer (rental vending machines)

Bet on a kickass team. We won’t let you down, Janine & Tim

P.S.: you also have the option to by your very own Sportainer at the discounted price of 15’000 CHF