Vielen Dank an alle Unterstützer!By, on 9/9/2019 11:27


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Herzlichen Dank, dass ihr an uns geglaubt hat! Leider haben wir unser Crowdfunding Ziel nicht erreicht. Aber keine Angst, wir werden nicht so schnell aufgeben.

Janine & Tim

Sportastic BootcampBy, on 29/8/2019 16:38 presents: Bootcamp mit Survival Fitness Zürich. Tolles Training mit Aussicht auf den Üetliberg! Ein schwungvoller Start ins Wochenende mit dem Sport Equipment aus unserem Sportainer.

Sportastic Freeskate Workshop!By, on 26/8/2019 14:58

We love to encourage you to try new sports! That’s why we hosted this fun workshop with Simon Deussen from Physiovision. Freeskating is challenging, but every little progress feels so rewarding! You can rent freeskates from our Sportainer at Skatepark Allmend in Zürich. Come try them out!

Sportainers before and afterBy, on 21/8/2019 15:54

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Sportainers before and after. Ready to rock the last weeks of «Badi» Season at Strandbad Mythenquai.

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The electronic heart of our SportainerBy, on 13/8/2019 14:24

Also the electronic heart of our Sportainers is made by us with lots of care :)

100% self madeBy, on 31/7/2019 13:49

So far our Sportainers are 100% self made and financed from our own savings. But in order to being able to scale we will need your help. Thanks for supporting us! Tim & Janine