Le cabinet SR:CH is a Swiss-Serbian collective founded in 2012 by five designers. Born in Serbian capital during a trip, this group maintains a friendship between the two countries linking their artistic contemporary scenes. The objective is to maintain a creative collaboration and exchange through exhibitions, workshops and various cultural events. Members of SR:CH are professionally active in the field of visual communication. They also all want to develop free and non-profit creations.


What’s our project?

The aim is to collect works of the collective over the past 2 years and to distribute them through a representative publication of our activities. A book, designed by each one, here is another opportunity to work together on a common project. This book will enable the group to enhance his artistic approach and intercultural processes of creative thinking. It will also aim to facilitate the presentation of the group to different art’s organizations and institutions for future collaborations. With the large number of projects, SR:CH want to edit this first book, begin of an edition which will be self-financed. It’s also destined to a various public open to new artistic cultures.

Why a book?

In the digital age, editing is a return to the origins of visual communication, from which all the collective’s members are. Better than the informatic ready-to-wear, the book provides a human dimension that allows the diffusion of art and project. The support is also justified by the nature of projects mainly developed for the print.


Why do we need your help?

This book simply allows the group to take a new dimension. Active since 2 years, have so far been self-funded. The motivation growing with the experience of workshops and their concrete results, has inspired the collective to develop this book in order to share their works. But more importantly, the desire is to institutionalize the concept of intercultural exchange and enable students and young artists to express themselves and show their creations. Through this book, SR:CH will be able to share their projects but also to develop this type of meeting with new schools and new countries. That is why we need your help to enable us to do this work, which is primarily destined to open cultural borders between Switzerland and developing countries.

Why this budget?

The actual amount of this project is CHF 6’000 but the collective already finance a part of it. The CHF 2’000 invested by the collective is required for graphic development, writing costs but also travel in Belgrade in June 2014. During this trip, a new workshop will be organized with the aim to present results in Berlin at B-Turn festival in August 2014. Then we will show again this exhibition in Belgrade in September 2014 and present the arrival of our book. The amount requested on by the collective will be exclusively allocated to the production of the book, printed in 500 copies. Production refers to the second step of development of a book, consisting of its printing and binding to give it its final shape.

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