Happy new year!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 27/1/2019 19:54


To yet another year, with hope and dreams!

Team, Srinagar Biennale Basel.

CATALOGUE - Srinagar Biennale BaselBy Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 31/10/2018 00:08

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Dear Patrons, Friends, Supporters and Backers

We are happy to share with you that we have finally managed to produced and publish a Digital Catalogue for the Srinagar Biennale Basel. It is now available on the Biennale website at the following link: http://www.srinagarbiennalebasel.org/catalogue.html

It took us all of these six months after the Biennale got over to get it all together.

We hope you will enjoy going through it. Please feel free to download, print and share it.

Thank you once again for your support.

Team, Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Biennale over. Gifts sent.By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 5/7/2018 00:23

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Dear Patrons, Friends, Supporters and Backers

We hope you are doing well.

We are happy to share with you that the Srinagar Biennale Basel took place as per plans and went quite well. We were also very happy to meet some of you during the Biennale. The number of artists who joined us during the Biennale was also quite a heartening experience.

We hope you have by now received your gift / reward for your support. They were posted a month or more ago. Kindly let us know, if you have not received it yet.

We also share here some photos from the very first event during the Episode 2 of the Biennale. The Open Stage Open Air took place in Public Spaces in Basel with more than 30 Artists (8 nationalities) participating with some brilliant performances.

We will share more, as and when possible. Thank you for all your support. Team, Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Thanks for believing in our project!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 29/3/2018 22:33

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The Crowd Funding Campaign has come to an end today. We have managed a 103% of the target. We can’t thank you enough for your support.

We thank you not just for supporting us with funds but more importantly for standing by the project and believing in it, and therefore in us. The entire list of backers has now been published on the website. The humble gifts, that we had promised in return, will be on their way, as soon as we get some time. Please bear with us if it takes longer, we are just a group of volunteers working on this huge project, amidst our regular life. The gift however will be delivered at the earliest possible opportunity.

Our entire team is now working incessantly to get the 2nd Episode going. Please do join us if you are in Basel. It will be a pleasure to have you with us.

We leave you for the moment with the invitation for Epsiode 2 and program and also a beautiful still from one of the performances at HeK Basel during Episode 1.

With gratidtude, Team Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Two days to go!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 27/3/2018 11:45

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Dear Friends, Supporters, Backers

The Crowd Funding Campaign will end on 29. Mar 2018. We are thankful for all the support we have received so far.

Srinagar Biennale Basel is a labour of love, a project that has come alive through various kinds of support from many friends, colleagues, artists, organisations and others.

The first Episode took place as an ONLINE event with some exhilarating Performances in Bangalore and Basel. We bring you here, some more Photos for Episode 1.

Episode 2: LIVE in Basel begins in April. Do check the program schedule and join us for the events. it will be a pleasure to see you there.

Meanwhile please do continue your support for the project and also spread the information further. This is our last chance to reach out to those who wanted to support the project but have not been able to do that yet. A big ’Thank You’ to each one of you who have walked us this far. :)

Credit: All photos by Markus Goessi

THANK YOU ALL!!!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 23/3/2018 13:09

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Sorry for our long absence in posting anything for you all. We had been quite hectically working to get things done. Episode 1 went quite well on March 17. What delighted us most was that the audience in both Bangalore and Basel stayed till the very end. About 3000 more people watched the Live streaming Online since we also decided to make the links public. And the Artists found the setup quite challenging and felt it gave them ’things to think about’.

We are now working towards the Episode 2. You can see the Deutsch and English invites here. Please do join us for the events if you are in Basel. If you are not in Basel, thank you so much for supporting us. We will try our best, to bring some bits online as and when possible. So please do join our Facebook page since that’s the easiest for us to put information on (https://www.facebook.com/srinagarbiennalebasel/).

The least we will do is to certainly upload some photo from the event. For the moment, we have posted a couple of photos from Episode 1, here as well for you.

Thank you so much for supporting the project. We have now reached 100% of the target we had set. This was a minimum that we hoped to achieve and your support is deeply deeply appreciated.

Our expenses however go way beyond this. So, please keep on with your support and with spreading the message further. We 5 more days to go. Whatever more we get, goes straight to supporting the artists and the events further.

Thank you once again for standing by us. This project also reminds us again and again ’together we can do it’!

Wish you a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you at the Biennale!

Team Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Crossed 50%. Thank you for giving us hopeBy Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 7/3/2018 00:37

It is the middle of the river where one begins to feel the depth. We are now exactly somewhere there. We are happy that we crossed the 50% mark but we are hovering somewhere right in the middle of a powerful flow. Will we manage to swim across and reach the other shore? Will some more angels show us the way? Time will tell. Meanwhile we continue to swim.

Thank you from bringing us this far. While it is important for us to reach the 100% target. More important than that is know that there are so many of you supporting this project. We have therefore decided to upload the names of all of you on the Biennale Website, irrespective of whether we make it or not and keep them there in any case. However, at the moment we have access only to your User names that is displayed on our campaign. The actual names and details will be sent to us only at the end of the Campaign, if it is successful. May we therefore request you to please have a look on the Support page of our website and check under ’Patrons’, ’Friends’ and ’Supporters’ heading at the bottom of the page, if your name is in the correct slot and whether that is how you would like it to be mentioned. If not, we request you to please email us your name (and also mention which user name was it). We will have it replaced. Our email is info@srinagarbiennalebasel.org

Meanwhile, enjoy a sneak preview of this beautiful public art project by artists Copa and Sordes that is continuously evolving and will be finally installed at the Episode 2 of the Biennale. https://www.facebook.com/100016795121227/videos/220746581828511/ You can also contribute images of clouds to this project at http://www.copaetsordes.ch/cloudlink/

Thanks for your support. Team Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Crossed the 40% mark. Invite to Episode 1By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 1/3/2018 11:51

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Our heartfelt thanks once again to each one of you who is supporting the project. This is such a boost for us to continue with our efforts with this project. Honestly speaking, we were quite nervous till the every end, if we should go ahead with a Crowd Funding Campaign at all. What we are experiencing now is sheer delight. Each and every person that backs the campaign bring us an immense source of joy and a reason to keep on working.

We are also very grateful to all those who are offering their help as volunteers for the project.

Also attached here are the invites for Episode 1. We do not have emails of many of you who have supported us. If you check this piece, please do drop us a line on info@srinagarbiennalebasel.org so we can add you to our info list or join our Facebook page, so we can send all the information to you. We would love to have you with us during the events.

Thank you once again for your beautiful gesture of support. Team Srinagar Biennale Basel.

Thank you for the support!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 26/2/2018 12:47

Dear Friends and Well wishers

Thank you so much for the continuous support that you all are pouring in. It is absolutely humbling that so many of you are standing by us for this project. We truly appreciate each one of you for supporting the Project.

And here is another write up on the Biennale that was published in Portal Kunstgeschichte on 20. February.


Ein Wurzelgeflecht zur Performance-Kunst - Badische ZeitungBy Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 22/2/2018 14:44

Michael Baas has written this excellent piece in Badische Zeitung that was published today. It contextualize the Biennale very succinctly. Please do read and share. Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful support.


artagenda.com on Srinagar Nagar BiennaleBy Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 20/2/2018 16:14


Artagenda.com recommends Srinagar Biennale Basel as one of the upcoming events to support and watch out for. Our heartfelt thanks to them.

We hope more people will reach out to us. The Biennale does not only need support from everyone, it also looks forward to your visits to the Biennale. We are working hard to bring together a unique mix of performances and also a special exhibition. Do read what artagenda.com has to say about us. And hope you are enjoying Fasnacht (the carnival), if you are in Basel. https://mailchi.mp/6d80d8d68a64/artagenda-bodensee-22-januar-1314053?e=19937b6706

Thanks to the first five Backers for gifting us a nice take off.By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 16/2/2018 23:27


After a long day of work to get the Biennale going, we peeped in here. And what a delight to see that five wonderful souls have backed the project. Of course it brought a big smile to our faces. Taking off is always one of the biggest hurdles. And you helped us take off so easily, so well. Your support reaffirmed our belief in the project and all the work we have been putting in it.

Our heartfelt thanks to each one of you for putting your faith in the project. Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces. We hope to sail through this campaign. And we would love to see you at the Biennale events. Tomorrow is another day.

Srinagar Biennale Basel - Crowd Funding Campaign launched!By Srinagar Biennale Basel, on 14/2/2018 14:50


The Team behind Srinagar Biennale Basel had been working for last many days to get this going. And here it is now. No matter where those who wish to help the project are, they can now easily reach out to the team.

Even the smallest donations help in a big way! It is not about ’how much?’ but ’how many?’ that matters more in this Project. The Team is hopeful of many more people joining them on the way!

They have 42 days left to reach their target.