What is Stagend.com?

An online platform where you can find and book musicians, magicians, djs, and a whole lot of live entertainers for any kind of event all over Switzerland. Developed from the idea of and hard work of four friends (plus their families’ and friends’ great support).

How does it work?

On platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com you can book a room, a flat or a house for your trip.

Likewise on Stagend.com you can book a live entertainer for your event: wedding, birthday, corporate event, party,…

Easy :) www.stagend.com

How did the idea come about?

We’ve asked ourselves:

Why there were many platforms that allow you to book a trip on the other side of the world, but none to find and book quickly a band or a dj for my event.

So we got down and worked on it… ;)


Who do we help?


  • With a wide choice of more than 2’000 artists
  • Quick comparison among entertainment offers (thanks to pictures, videos, reviews)
  • Save time and money (via direct contact with the artist)
  • Buyer Protection: support in case of last minute accidents (e.g.: artist illness)


  • Access to many new requests from event organizers every week
  • Direct contact with the event organizers (more interesting prices)
  • Entertainer Protection (covered in case of event cancellation)
  • Higher ranking in google search

What have we done so far...

  • online booking platform in 4 languages (I, D, F, E) with secure online payment system
  • over 2’000 entertainers using the platform
  • 5’000 requests from event organizers in the past 12 months
  • 98,5% positive reviews
  • 1’500 attendees – biggest event (partyband booked for a thematic corporate event in Zurich)
  • 2 persons – smallest event (violinist booked for a marriage proposal on top of the Pilatus)

Why we need your support?

By sacrificing a secure salary, a lot of hours of sleep and many nights out with friends, with were able to go from theory to action and build an innovative booking platform.

Thanks to your support, we would like to go one step ahead and take our small startup to every person in Switzerland who is planning an event (and then also abroad).

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What will we do with your help?

We will hire a professional photo- and video-maker that will tour all Switzerland to make videos and photos of artists and entertainers at events of all kinds (weddings, birthdays, corporate and public parties,…).

This in order to build the largest and more complete catalogue of live entertainers and enable anyone organizing an event to see exactly the kind of service the artist can deliver.

At the same time, we will help artists who do not have the means or the budget to do it themselves to showcase their talent with proper material.

Goals of the campaign

  • CHF 15’000 :) MINIMUM GOAL – Professional video & photo reportage of a selection of artists
  • CHF 20’000 :) :) Professional video & photo reportage of a selection of artists + SMALL marketing campaign
  • CHF 25’000 and more :) :) :) Professional video & photo reportage of MANY MORE artists + COOLER marketing campaign

How can you help us?

  1. BUY one or more packages you can find on the right of this page.
  2. AND SHARE this page, talk about it with family, friends and strangers on facebook, at a Xmas apéro, on the train, in the traffic jam or in any other occasion.


P.S.: If you feel like offering more than the stated price for each package, because you like one of Stagend Staff or our CEO long hair, we will not stop your feeling :)

A huge thanks to whom has supported us until her

  • our fantastic families & friends
  • our very first investors
  • Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI/KTI (who awarded us with the CTI Start-up Label http://www.ctistartup.ch/en/services/coaching/cti-start-label/)
  • CP Startup Lugano
  • Fondazione Agire
  • Startups.ch Award (Swiss Startup Competition)
  • ATED Award (Cantonal Startup Competition)