Would you like some more?

We have a lot of new design ideas, but unfortunately not that much money. To finance the production, we started this crowdfunding with a very simple goal: When we reach goal number one, six sock designs will be produced. And who knows? Maybe we will be able to produce even more designs for even more choice.

You can see the first six models, the basic collection, in the video and in the slideshow. All others below.

This year we also have a guest. Our friends from the beach towel brand Frottee di Mare have contributed a design in two color combinations. Thanks a lot for this!

Now it’s up to you. You decide how big the collection will be this year. Pre-order your favorite design now.

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Stereo What?

Stereo Socks are designed by a graphic designer from Zurich. The patterns are inspired by geometric shapes, modern art and tiny errors that occur during experimentation.

Stereo socks have been worn by many men, women, children with big feet and everyone else for almost ten years now. There are socks in three sizes 35–38, 39–42 and 43–46.

Stereo Socks are manufactured in the EU in Transylvania. They are knitted from combed cotton and some polyamide and elastane, which ensure a good fit and durability.

The material is OekoTex Standard 100 certified. We usually make use of the astonishingly rich stock of the factory, which consists of leftovers from large orders. This not only saves resources, but also allows us to use so many different colors.

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And what exactly will I get?

Basically, you just pre-order socks. With early order or volume discount, of course. You can get 1 pair or 100. Or something in between. For you, your friends, your employees or the whole family. Why not do all your Christmas shopping now? One click gets you special gifts for everyone.

But there is more to be gained. If you’re feeling generous now, you can co-create some Stereo Socks or have your own personalized, private socks.

You will also be allowed to vote. If more money is collected than is needed for the first six designs, you will be asked to choose the next designs. The link for this will be sent to all supporters with the confirmation message.

For every 1000 franc of support, we can produce one design.

100% of the total amount goes into production. We did the design, video and even this text ourselves.

And another tip: Now is an opportunity to secure one of the popular sock subscriptions (it’s in the rewards section).

Production is planned for this summer, so you’ll receive your socks in time for the end of the barefoot season, starting at the end of September.

Shipping in Switzerland is included with all rewards. For international shipping please add 20% (or 15 Francs minimum) as we have to pay VAT on export in addition to higher shipping costs.

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