Initiative Save Switzerland from synthetic pesticides

A citizen’s movement has created an initiative to ban the use of synthetic pesticides in Switzerland.

Goal: this initiative simply asks for the ability to consume nutritious food without negative consequences to health.


A popular and non-political initiative

To this day, 62’000 out of the necessary 100’000 signatures have been collected. Today we really need your help to finalize our project.

High rate of bees death, massive decline of insects, water pollution, destruction of our environment and chronic health hazard for humans.

Farmers are the first victims of pesticides. Industrial farming is leading a lot of farmers in a vicious circle of spiralling debts. Switzerland has the political tools and the technological ressources to lead change.

Our water sheds, soils, food are contaminated by pesticides. Swiss citizens are chronically exposed. It is found in their urine and blood at concentrations above the legal limit of drinking water.

Only a referundum coming from the people can impose change.

Together for a toxic free Switzerland!

The initiative committee needs a minimum of CHF 25’000 to collect the signatures and finance their validation by the municipalities.

More information on our website: