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Support for small watch retailers in Asia

The trade in all non-vital products in the world has stopped. Behind all the small shops with goods of all kinds are people and their fates. In Switzerland we can count ourselves lucky not to be forgotten and to get help. This is not the case in Asia. Global retail chains will survive. The small businesses that still maintain our individuality in the global world don’t do that. We have been working with such small companies for more than 30 years and want to help them: We buy back their stocks. Every buyback is a contribution.

Unique art watches in limited editions will find lovers

We buy watches with original designs from Andy Warhol. Watches with a lasting memory value for those interested in art, watch collectors and everyone who is now showing solidarity with aid projects in the sign of the Corona Virus epidemic. This enables us to help small retailers to get up again afterwards and to be a counterweight to global chains and brands. All of us who believe in the power of individualists and their creativity want to support this.

The watches will be given to our supporters as a reward

We focus exclusively on the buyback of Andy Warhol watch editions from the Asian and especially the Chinese area. The rewards for you are the repurchased stocks. There are five categories. The equivalent of the reward is far below cost price. We have already started in a first step, but it is not enough to implement it alone and that is why your contribution is so important. Of course, it is primarily still a clock, but it is much more: it is a reminder of solidarity at a time that we could never have imagined

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