This is what it's all about: Making Climate Protection Reality!

Most small towns in Cameroon and almost all rural localities experience darkness after sunset, without electrical power. The shops and the small businesses usually help themselves by running a diesel generator and lighting the street to attract customers. The main traffic routes are in the dark, which affects road safety. Many of the residential area’ s streets are pitch dark and the markets are closing early.

Light improves road safety, security in public spaces, especially for women and children, and animates business. It improves the quality of life for residents and their homes and thus makes a contribution to sustainable development. Since this is done using renewable energies like solar energy, the ecological footprint as well as the climate impact remains small despite technical improvements.

The social enterprise that is executing this project, Cameroon Solar Solutions (CSS), has been engaged in the ongoing energy revolution in Central Africa since 2013. With this project and its high-quality equipment, CSS wants to point out that Africa must not rely on obsolete short-living goods in its development efforts.

Help us realize this climate project!

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The Goal: A Climate Friendly Development Project for Africa

Today, it is quite obvious to all of us: Europe needs to convert its economy to a 100% renewable energy in order to limit climate change to 1.5°C. And that has to happen quickly. In Africa, the people must catch up with their development in order to improve quality of life and economic development, also to make sure that they no longer have to seek to migrate to Europe under great risks.

In Cameroon, in Central Africa, a new way of thinking is emerging: development Yes, but climate-friendly! More infrastructure Yes, but centered on people’s interests! Cameroon Solar Solutions supports and advises numerous mayors and regional governments in Cameroon on their development plans and assists them in implementing these despite funding difficulties. For the lighting project in Mbalmayo, which has the character of a pilot project, there is only little money that is still missing for a successful implementation. If our funding efforts fail, the city of Mbalmayo will no doubt be forced to use again a diesel generator to produce the required electricity.

Today, climate change and the measures to tackle it are being discussed everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Great, everyone is finally talking about it! But this alone is still not the real change. You can do more in this regard: Make a concrete contribution here so that Africans can carry out their climate-friendly development projects themselves!

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For this we need your support.

The money will be used to ensure the funding of the project. 80% will be financed by the city of Mbalmayo, which is very committed to the project. In the circle of family and friends of the Swiss and Cameroonian owners of CSS, a major part of the private financing has already been raised. Now only 25’000 Swiss Francs are missing, to enable the project to be carried out with the best available quality for solar technology. Your contribution will help to promote a climate-friendly development for Africa as well, with significant participation by the Africans and initiated by Africans. Thank you very much!