Why Stronger Together needs you !

Ciao, We are Noemi and Gaia and we are the founders of Stronger Together Campaign. We have been friends since forever (like kindergarten baby forever), we’re both Italian although citizens of the world and we’ve both been impacted similarly by Covid-19. Gaia, co-founder of a boutique Event company, Brightside Group, and Noemi aspiring entrepreneur in the fashion industry had to put the growth plans of their companies on hold due to the worldwide crisis generated by the virus. Moreover, being both Italians they wanted to take action in order to help the Campania region, which its already fragile, economy has been hit hard «unfortunately, lots of people can’t even buy food» (CNBC, 2020). Therefore, we decided to unite our forces and create a crowdfunding campaign in order to help all the businesses that our struggling like ours, while also achieving our main objective of buying groceries for people in need.

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Stronger Together is special because

We invited young entrepreneurs all motivated, passionate about their projects, who are facing difficult times due to the latest crisis. We will not make any profit from this campaign whatsoever, we are doing this to support COVID-19 crisis as best as we possibly can. Your support will mean the world to all the businesses participating in this campaign.

We are choosing young entrepreneurs from different parts of the world with small/medium size businesses. The entrepreneurs we have chosen are passionate and talented in various ways and each of them offers unique services and products at exceptional prices only exclusive to our Stronger Together Campaign.

We would also like to help people in Italy who have been financially affected from COVID-19 and can no longer afford to purchase groceries to feed their families. Therefore we are donating 10% of the total revenue to «Spesa Sospesa» which translates to «Open Groceries» of the Fondazione di Comunita’ del Centro Storico di Napoli http://www.fondcomnapoli.it/


This is what WE need backing for.

We have have set an initial goal of 15, 000 Euros to help all the participants involved

Gaia and Noemi will make zero profit from this campaign, the raised proceeds will be donated to the charity of the Foundation «Comunita’ del Centro Storico di Napoli» and will go to the families in Italy that are unable to afford groceries to feed their families and survive the pandemic crisis.

When you buy a voucher from a partner 80% of the money goes to them and the rest will be donated to charity of the Fondazione di Comunita’ del Centro Storico di Napoli. One of the critical issues the south of Italy is facing is the starvation of many families. Due to Covid-19 many small businesses were forced to close, many lost their jobs and are no longer able to feed their families.

By donating to our crowdfunding campaign you are helping so many people. Buying a voucher will mean very much to small/medium businesses survive the crisis and you will also help families in critical conditions of starvation.

There is no small offer and every participation will be strongly appreciated. We THANK YOU all so much for your support !

Noemi & Gaia

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