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Who are we and what is this study week about?

We are nine tourism students from the University of Applied Sciences HTW in Chur. In one of our modules, «Project Management in Practice», we were given the task to travel to a country for one week to conduct research about a tourism related topic. This task should provide us with insight into «Project Management» including sponsorship, partnership, marketing, financing and many other managerial tasks. But aside from this, we will also have the great opportunity to discover a country and its potential. We decided to travel to Georgia because we are convinced that this, to us rather unknown, country has a lot to offer.

Our study week will start on the 3rd of June and will last one week. To get a clear idea and insight into tourism in Georgia, we will meet with different business people from the tourism industry on sight to learn more about their perspective on our research questions. Hence, our agenda will be full with interesting meetings with at least eight business partners. The results from these meetings and interviews will be analyzed together with our accompanying lecturer. In the end, we will write a scientific report presenting our research questions and our findings from our trip to Georgia. Furthermore, we will also describe the whole organization and planning of this study week project. This report will be openly available to anyone interested in our research results.

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Why Georgia and what do we want to find out?

At the moment, Georgia receives visitors mostly from Eastern Europe. For our research in general, we will therefore focus on the question of how to connect with the Western market. We believe Georgia has a lot of potential in this regard due to the great variety it has to offer, from stunning landscapes and mountain peaks, to many beautiful vineyards and ancient towns. We want to make us and the Western population aware of the wild beauty of nature in Georgia and that, for example, a wine tour can be as attractive as in Tuscany. In doing so, we want to keep in mind a low-impact and sustainable development as a counter draft to mass tourism.


Why do we need your support?

We have reduced all our costs to a minimum. Nevertheless, since we have a rather low budget available, we are dependent on financial support in order to cover our travel expenses in Georgia. Your support will enable us to get around within the country and eventually explore as much of what Georgia has to offer as possible and meet partners in many different regions who can give us valuable know-how.

We are highly motivated to get to know Georgia and to share our findings with you. Who knows – maybe Georgia will be your next dream destination. Please support us in exploring the uniqueness of a new country. Thank you very much!

Do not forget to check the rewards on the right-hand side of this page. We highly appreciate your support and therefore would like to give back as much as we can!