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Publishing, Design, and Art

SR:CH Volume 1

SR:CH invites you to discover his first book through wich you will meet members, their projects since 2012 and ambitions of this group in the promotion of young artists.
by Le cabinet SR:CH, Belgrade and Neuchatel
111% funded
CHF 4’450 pledged
36 backers

Atelier Peekaboo – «Eustache» table

Financing the prototype of our new project, the table «Eustache».
by Atelier Peekaboo, Neuchatel
100% funded
CHF 4’400 pledged
17 backers

River Board

River Board est une planchette de présentation unique qui combine du bois de chêne à de la résine époxy. Elle sert aussi bien de décoration que de support pour mettre en valeur vos plus beaux plats.
by Frank, Neuchâtel
114% funded
CHF 3’442 pledged
55 backers
Fashion, Design, and Environment

Dress Is More – slow fashion

Une mode personnalisée, adaptée à chaque morphologie, chaque taille (du 34 au 54), chaque envie, élaborée et cousue en Suisse; des pièces qui font plaisir, qui durent, et qui soulagent la planète!
by Dress Is More, Geneva, Lausanne, and Neuchâtel
114% funded
CHF 6’875 pledged
58 backers
Film, Design, and Sport


Short fiction movie where the main character is an infernal machine which is ignited by a pair of cyclists in a post-apocalyptic scenery where only biomechanical energy remains.
by eyeshot, Neuchâtel
142% funded
CHF 6’420 pledged
83 backers
Publishing, Design, and Kids / Youth

Das Biel-Bienne Wimmelbuch

Wir schaffen ein Wimmelbuch für Biel-Bienne! Wir brauchen Deine Unterstützung für Illustration und Produktion. Gib uns Deine Ideen für die 7 Wimmelbilder und komm mit auf die Reise.
by vatter&vatter, Biel/Bienne and Bern
105% funded
CHF 42’296 pledged
429 backers
Publishing, Design, and Architecture

«anderswar» Buch / RITZWIRTH

Die «Maker-Kultur» in grösserem Massstab ausleben: Mit dem «anderswar» Projekt&Buch zu neue Sichtweisen anregen, dem Ausprobieren im 1:1 am Ort, mit den Menschen der Stadt gemeinsam anders wahrnehmen.
by RITZWIRTH, Biel/Bienne
112% funded
CHF 25’052 pledged
62 backers
Design and Art

OH! New

Officina Helvetica im Cosmos Gebäude baut um. Deine Werkstatt für Lithografie, Kunst und Grafik investiert in die analoge Zukunft. Mehr Licht, Co-Working, Ausstellungsflächen, Küche etc. OH! New
by Officina Helvetica, Biel/Bienne
127% funded
CHF 25’576 pledged
148 backers
Design, Community, and Technology

NOCLOCK – The Hackable Watch

A DIY watch kit that breaks the rules of our traditional watch industry as it allows you to design an infinite number of models that are completely adapted to your capacities and to your dreams.
by Manu, Biel/Bienne
163% funded
CHF 32’734 pledged
156 backers
Design, Community, and Technology

Un FabLab à Fribourg

Notre association a pour but d’ouvrir un FabLab sur Fribourg. Un FabLab est un espace destiné à la création personnelle dans la lignée des «makers» et du «do it yourself».
by FabLab Fribourg – Freiburg, Fribourg
163% funded
CHF 3’268 pledged
37 backers
Startup and Design


BEIB, la nouvelle agence de communication digitale de la Broye! «Dans le BEIB, tout est bon!»
by BEIB, Payerne
119% funded
CHF 17’970 pledged
54 backers
Startup and Design

Save A Legendary Printshop

Please contribute today and help support keeping a small independent print shop alive in Bern. Mr. Butler provides screen printing and graphic design solutions for our community!
by Robert Butler, Bern
154% funded
CHF 34’038 pledged
227 backers