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Music, art, and Technology

Sound Shifting

From Soundscape to Soundshape.
The project develops individual art objects from sound and music. For this, a new cutter machine «Audio Foam Cutter v3» is planned to be built.
by GUPF, Linz, Aarau, and Augsburg
106% funded
EUR 6’380 pledged
32 backers
Technology and Education

Überarbeitung der Wissensplattform Funktionales und ansprechendes Layout - auch für mobile Geräte. Einbau neuer und heute üblicher Funktionen.
by, Zufikon
104% funded
CHF 14’167 pledged
225 backers
Music and Technology

retro-tapes: rewind the past

Gemeinsam machen wir alte Mixtapes für alle zugänglich und lassen unsere musikalische Vergangenheit wieder aufleben.
by Lorenz, Zürich
100% funded
CHF 2’218 pledged
38 backers
Food, Technology, and Environment

Easy home-grown food: APPA

Our automated garden grows your own organic vegetables for you - simple, healthy, sustainable. With no effort for you, all year round.
by Pleasant Plants, Zürich
106% funded
CHF 36’057 pledged
97 backers
Kids / Youth, Technology, and Education


GirlsCodeToo aims to foster and nurture the curiosity, skills, and creativity of girls. We teach tech skills that help them make career and educational decisions for their future! Wanna get involved?
by GirlsCodeToo, Zürich, Lugano, and Lausanne
101% funded
CHF 20’358 pledged
164 backers
Festival, Dance, and Technology

Elektrisches «Love Mobile»

Nach einem geschlissenem Rollstuhl, durchgebranntem eTrike und Senior:innen-Mobil haben wir uns beraten lassen: Nur der Kyburz DXP hat genug Zugkraft und Energie für unsere Vorhaben in Tanz und Demo.
by Verein DingsDa, Zürich
105% funded
CHF 7’350 pledged
107 backers
Food, Community, and Technology

Help India Breathe!

With a lack of food and oxygen supplies, the second wave of COVID has hit India hard leading to 2000+ deaths per day. Your support through oxygen supply, community kitchens & food kits can save lives.
by Humane Warriors, Amal Mansoor, and Naveen Shams, Zürich, Mumbai, and Delhi
147% funded
CHF 44’129 pledged
288 backers
Startup, art, and Technology

The (Digital) Otter Gallery

We would like to onboard 20+ artists over the next 24 months on a blockchain technology-based platform (4ARTapp) and help emerging artists to build a secure and sustainable digital career
by The Otter Gallery, Zürich
112% funded
CHF 3’920 pledged
19 backers
Startup, Technology, and Environment

neon green

Your account with simple CO2 compensation. Thanks to your green neon Mastercard. With this account, you're planting trees on the go. Be part of the pilot project for digital, green banking!
by neon, Zürich
163% funded
CHF 163’840 pledged
1518 backers
Games, Technology, and Education

Token Economy – The Game

Bring your assets on the blockchain and receive tokens. Trade your tokens, build up clever holdings and speculate with crypto currencies. Exciting and fun board game for 2-6 players.
by Felix, Loraine & Dominik, Zürich
101% funded
CHF 45’657 pledged
84 backers
Science, Technology, and Environment

love food – stop wasting!

Pro Jahr fallen in Schweizer Haushalten rund 1 Million Tonnen Lebensmittelabfälle an! Setze dich mit uns für eine nachhaltigere Schweiz ein!
by Yves Blöchlinger and Manuel Blunschi, Zürich
103% funded
CHF 3’607 pledged
39 backers
Community, Literature, and Technology

Neue Technik für gute Bücher

Der Limmat Verlag verlegt viele gute Bücher – leider arbeitet er mit veralteter Technik. Der Förderverein des Verlags hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, dem Limmat Verlag zu neuer Technologie zu verhelfen.
by Peter Kuntner, Zürich
121% funded
CHF 48’760 pledged
250 backers