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Startup, Community, and Technology


Mein Freund Wendlassida möchte in Burkina Faso eine eigene Metallwerkstatt eröffnen. Ihm fehlen jedoch die nötigen Mittel für die Anfangsinvestition. Helft Wendlassida seinen Traum zu verwirklichen.

102 %
CHF 5’915
43 backers

Startup, Sport, and Technology


Medusa Sport

by medusasport

Le projet Medusa Sport a pour objectif d’offrir divers entrainements d’électrostimulation. Selon les attentes de chacun, qu’il soit débutant, avancé ou professionnel du sport.

104 %
CHF 10’460
40 backers

Science, Startup, and Technology


Naturopathe installée en cabinet depuis un an, je souhaite développer mon activité grâce à l’achat d’un Oligoscan, une machine qui permet d’analyser les vitamines et minéraux dans les tissus.

100 %
CHF 1’500
23 backers

Science, Music, and Technology


Help us revolutionize music creation with youmozart AI! This AI-powered app creates personalized compositions. Join us on our crowdfunding journey and be part of the future of music.

208 %
CHF 10’420
51 backers

Community, Kids / Youth, and Technology


Hallo! Wir sind Jakob und Lian (14 und 15 Jahre). Für unsere Projektarbeit wollen wir einen PC so günstig wie möglich selbst bauen. Wir wollen ausserdem herausfinden ob man dies nachhaltig tun kann.

100 %
CHF 1’000
15 backers

Startup, Music, and Technology


Help us democratize music composition. A project where music scores meet artificial intelligence to explore and train our creativity.

101 %
CHF 15’165
53 backers

Photography, Community, and Technology


Support me in starting my photography business DriveOn. So that I can take off as a self-employed photographer in a wheelchair.

102 %
CHF 10’276
94 backers

Community, Technology, and Education


The abo!

by fablabneuch

The FabLab-Neuch is becoming more and more accessible! The Abo! is a (very) affordable subscription that offers (almost) unlimited access to the FabLab and its various fabrication tools.

108 %
CHF 17’296
94 backers

Startup, Design, and Technology


EBE | Easy electronic design

by AdrienGirod and StEvUgnIn

We are developing EBE software to automatically design unique electronic circuits from an idea. Join the community to help us explore the possibilities!

206 %
CHF 10’310
37 backers

Food, Technology, and Environment


Let's build together the future of food and cooking. A year ago we were dreaming about it. Today, we have never been so close to finally realizing this dream.

100 %
CHF 25’113
55 backers

Agriculture and Technology


Ich möchte begleitend zu meiner Lehre als Landmaschinenmechaniker einen Bührer DFD 4 restaurieren. Danke für deine Unterstützung!

107 %
CHF 6’447
27 backers

Food, agriculture, and Technology


Caulys Home Garden – V2

by Grégoire Gentile - Caulys

Caulys allows you to produce fresh, local produce all year round, without any effort, at the best price. Make your indoor vegetable garden profitable in less than 2 months!