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Photography and Publishing


365+ photographs of naked people in the streets and interiors of Brno—Bratislava—Budapest—Vienna. Contemporary, nontraditional, «a guide to life» in the region of the former Austro—Hungarian Empire.
by Martin Gabriel Pavel, Hronov
111% funded
EUR 11’129 pledged
162 backers
Music, Community, and Dance

Heart of Dixie - LP release

We finally recorded our first album and we do want you to listen and dance to our music, so it will be soon available on all platforms. But if you want to support us, you can buy this cool LP record.
by Janek Čarek, Brno
121% funded
EUR 3’028 pledged
103 backers
Photography, Music, and Literature


«Apassionata» is the story of Beethoven's secret love affair, that had to be suppressed throughout centuries – still, it has been resonating up until our days, as it was born out of a unique force.
by Helga, Prague, Martonvásár, and Budapest
104% funded
CHF 22’915 pledged
12 backers
Kids / Youth and Sport

Prague Games 2019

Ich heisse Zoé, und mein Bruder heisst Levin. Zusammen fahren wir im Juli an die Prague Games an ein Internationales Unihockeyturnier. Sei auch du ein Teil unserer Reise!
by Die Unihockey verrückten Geschwister Hofer, Prague
118% funded
CHF 1’185 pledged
19 backers

Dans la Peau d'Anne

Une dramatisation poétique sur l’histoire d’une femme, Anne, une force de la nature, atteinte de bipolarité et d’une sclérose en plaque. Basé sur son autobiographie: «Les épines du destin».
by Juliette Clara Bertoldo, Prague and Geneva
148% funded
CHF 3’705 pledged
41 backers

Songs from Utopia - Albumproduktion

Songs from Utopia produzieren in Prag mit dem grossartigen Musiker, Producer und Engineer Mike Mariconda ihr drittes Album.
by Songs from Utopia, Prague and Zurich
104% funded
CHF 5’210 pledged
20 backers
Agriculture, Community, and Art

C-LAB: a cultural laboratory

Help us to bring a historic farmhouse to life again and convert it into C-LAB, a place where interdisciplinary communication and creative production can happen. #code #arts #agro
by Lena Lapschina, Rappolz
101% funded
EUR 15’153 pledged
98 backers
Architecture, Community, and Tourism

Ferien im historischen Juwel

Ein schmuckes Haus im mittelalterlichen Städtchen Drosendorf nahe Wien möchte nach mehr als 100 Jahren unbedingt renoviert werden – und freut sich bereits auf neue Bewohner und liebe Gäste.
by Kurt FRANK, Drosendorf an der Thaya
100% funded
EUR 5’021 pledged
8 backers

Judas Iskariot

«Judas Iskariot» – Uraufführung der Auftragskomposition beim Festival Retz 2017: Libretto und Komposition Chistoph Ehrenfellner
by Festival Retz, Gemeinde Retz
113% funded
EUR 17’025 pledged
48 backers
Music, Performing arts, and Festival

«Maria Magdalena»

Musiktheater der Gegenwart - Vergabe eines Kompositionsauftrages für eine Kirchenoper verbunden mit der Uraufführung beim Festival Retz «Offene Grenzen» 2019
by Festival Retz, Retz
102% funded
EUR 15’374 pledged
36 backers
Agriculture and Architecture

The old wine cellar

The old vine cellars in the Weinviertel region near Vienna are a piece of rural everyday culture. We want to renovate our 200-year-old wine cellar and preserve it for the next decades.
by Kurt FRANK, Sitzendorf an der Schmida
100% funded
EUR 4’028 pledged
34 backers
Science, Literature, and Education

El'Manuscript 2018

Travel/accomodation costs for invited speakers at the international conference El'Manuscript 2018 dedicated to the overall investigation and editing of historical manuscripts and early printed books.
by Patricia Engel, Jürgen Fuchsbauer, Heinz Miklas, Vienna and Krems an der Donau
110% funded
EUR 3’320 pledged
6 backers