From Zurich, our home town, we want to offer the world a reminder that a much more empathic society is possible

Hi 👋 we are Tanja and Sonja, an activist and a psychologist with a big plan. Starting in Zurich, our home town, we want to create a prototype, a reminder that a much more empathic society is possible. This is how:

  1. We talk and write (IG: @empathycity_zurich) about the societal importance of empathy.
  2. We hold courses on empathy and conflict resolution.
  3. We support start-ups, organisations, collectives, and work teams in the area of feedback culture, conflict resolution, campaigns, and sustainable activism.

In our courses we welcome people regardless of how much they can pay. In order for us to continue the project in this way that is open for everyone, we need 50’000 CHF (for Sonja, Tanja, and Tanja’s four-year-old son).


What we teach

We work with an approach called Nonviolent Communication developed by Marshall Rosenberg. We teach:

  1. Empathy: how we can listen to other people in a way that they feel understood and helps ease their pain.
  2. Authenticity: how to communicate in a way that increases the chances that others understand our point of view and want to cooperate.
  3. Conflict resolution: how to navigate conflicts while adressing the causes and not just the symptoms.
  4. Self-empathy: how to deal with strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear.

To learn more about our courses, check out our website.


Empathy City - A Community Project

We are a growing community of people that want to support each other in living a paradigm shift towards a society of empathy. This for us entails working with groups and organizations that only have a small budget.

We want to invest our time and hearts where it makes sense for us and not where we can make the most money. So far, we compensated for the missing revenue with our private savings, but these are now used up. That’s why we need your support!

We are tremendously grateful to everyone who would like to support us and help us make the dream of a city of empathy a reality.

E> Tanja and Sonja