A French fashion designer in Basel !

I have been working in the ready to wear fashion industry for almost 12 years, seven of wich i had the role of Area Retail manager for French fashion brands such as Naf-Naf Paris and IKKS and such I was responsible for the French and German markets.

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i need your help to produce more Clothes made in EU for the next season!

After this long term experience, I felt like launching my own fashion brand allowing me to support a «Philosophy of proximity» geographically speaking.

Design and Style of the models are thoroughly French, characterized by their sophistication and attention to Detail. The Clothes are entirely produced in Europe, i.e Portugal, in order to have full knowledge of the work standards and conditions and to be able to check on the collections.

It is my goal to proof that by means of reducing the producer margin it is possible to manufacture reasonably priced European quality goods and this make the clothes accessible to a type of customer who is sensitive to a responsible consumption-

My collections are short-termed since i am compelled to redesign on a regular basis so as to keep up the rythm of the mammoths of the fashion industry. This is doable because i restrict the production volume significantly.

If you also wish to have a return on clothes produced in a country with geographical proximity and under ethically satisfactory working conditions, a fashion that radiates creative individuality, then please, Help Us to generate even more our feminine French- style outfits.

We are now producing in average 20 reference per season, that means in average 600 pieces, my target is to propose 40 references for Winter 16 , your Help will be invested in the production of more clothes for the new collections , that we will be soon able to sell , only our brand made in EU , in our shop!

Many Many Thanks !!!