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Open to all, La Maison du Récit invites us to take care of stories, as well as to create and revisit our individual and collective stories to (re)invent our lives and our cultures together.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 9/7/2022

A place to care for stories

This Maison du Récit, one of a kind, attracts a public that never ceases to say how important the activities experienced there are to create links, to open the imagination, to do good in a period full of uncertainties. In this place, a form of joy and benevolence brings, with a lot of creativity, perspectives of repair, transformation, sharing, creativity, which are essential. The first season ends with an exciting human and artistic record. The financial balance sheet is more delicate. Help us make the coming season soar! It will be a pivotal moment in strengthening this unique House. Thank you!

A visionary, pioneering and unique project in Switzerland

La Maison du Récit is the only place far and wide that knowingly offers to put stories at the heart of our thinking and our creative practices, through a rich program of shows, conferences, and participatory laboratories-workshops. The simple fact that it points to narratives as being the heart of our imaginary constructions makes it different from other institutions of culture or mediation. Being unique and different stimulates the imagination and makes you more creative. It also makes you more vulnerable, especially financially, because it means stepping out of the usual boxes. If you think lateral thinking is something important, then you are the person we need a helping hand!

What will your support be used for?

The Maison du Récit team is working diligently to set up the 22-23 season, which is going to be great. Financial support will arrive this fall. Help us put some wind in our sails until then: your support will contribute to the launch of the new season, by allowing us to set up and promote a rich program in good conditions, while respecting the work accomplished. by the whole team.