Why do we need your support?

The Flocking Murmuration is on the rise!

The band has gone from strength to strength in our first year together. Best of all has been playing for YOU, the people who come to the gigs, listen to our first album, watch us on YouTube, and follow our progress.

We’ve been writing new material and want to wrap up our first year by recording the songs we have road-tested on the tour - songs you told us you loved and wanted to hear again! are 100% independant - self-managed, self-promoted and are not backed by a record label.

So, we need your help in recording and producing our next album!

Our new songs are ready, but we need to pay for studio time and personnel, mixing, mastering, printing, production and promotion of the record…

Supporting us, supporting causes

In supporting our music, you are also supporting our continued commitment to donate a percentage of our songwriting royalties to causes that are close to our hearts.

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Rewards for YOU!

For each donation to our project we have exciting rewards we are delighted to offer you in return!

CDs, vinyl, T-Shirts, concerts at your home or event, even a song just for you….all these and more can be won in return for supporting the album!

We will be eternally grateful and will also personally thank each supporter in our album liner notes.

We hope you can help us reach our goal - we can’t wait to share the new songs with you!

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