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Dear Friends and Fans of the band,

You kindly offered a donation in our first attempt to raise money for a second album. Unfortunately, we failed to reach our target and your contribution was reimbursed to you. We can only use the money if we reach our target.

So we are trying again!

This time we are aiming for a less ambitious total target and we are hoping you will again give us that crucial support to help us pay for our new album. This time, we are not trying to raise money for the promotion, printing, distribution or filming, etc. We are starting with the simple target of raising enough money to record, master and produce the album.

If you'd like to re-donate your contribution from the first attempt, please go to this link to do so:


Again, there are great rewards for each contribution over 25 Euros...but every Euro counts!

We can't wait to share our new songs with you!

Dan, Stef, Matt and Marc
The Flocking Murmuration
"Join the Flock, hear the murmuration"