This is what it's all about.

Village villagers in Peladung use this road daily. There was an accident two days ago, because the road became impassable. A girl and her dad were wounded, one on the arm, the other had her leg crushed during the fall of the two wheels they use to go to plant and harvest the rice that allows them to survive. Today, the government is engaged in the precious assistance of the volcano’s refugees, Mount Agung, which has been in operation since 22 September 2017. Nearly 150,000 refugees have benefited from Indonesian state aid since long weeks. But the villagers, to go work in their rice fields, to go home, to go to town … have no choice but to take this road become very dangerous. While waiting for the government to proceed to the complete reconstruction of this road, from the return to the peaceful life before the volcano came into operation, a restoration to make it practicable without putting myself in danger seems to me to be an interesting compromise . For these villagers, in their names, I thank you for the gesture of support that you will bring them.

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My project is special because ...

This project is a project to help a community already very affected by the awakening of the volcano, Mount Agung. Indeed, in addition to having to be alert to every eruption, almost daily, ash, gas, sulfur; besides having to make up with having to give up land, houses, animals, in case of magmatic eruption; in addition to suffering from a bad economy because tourists have deserted east of Bali … villagers put themselves in danger every day on this road, because they continue to live, work, and keep their legendary smile.

This is what I need backing for.

Clearly, a restoration of this road is an essential thing to make it practicable. Deliver some trucks of sand, pebbles, shovels, wheelbarrows … The villagers are ready to raise their sleeves when they have materials and materials to work. Moreover, for their commitment, their desire to improve the lives of these villagers, they will receive some rewards that will, I can guarantee you, welcome, in these times of economic misery.

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