Sustainability Weeks

Our Vision, we empower students to bring sustainability into all aspects of higher education institutions globally. Our aspiration is that students worldwide turn their institutions into sustainability role models for the whole of society.

The current society is living on the costs of future generations. Problems such as environmental pollution and climate change are getting visible and their impact on our lives increase. It is definitely time for a change and young people have to drive it to save their own future. A major raise in awareness of young people to a more sustainable lifestyle can be done during higher education. This is where the concept of a sustainability week comes into action: A group of voluntary students organises a week full of interesting events and activities in order to raise awareness of students, university employees and even broad public for sustainability. All week organisers have to obey a code of conduct including guidelines for a fair, responsible and sustainable organisation. All events must be free of charge for visitors and should be open to interested public as well.

We believe in the power and potential of youth to co-create solutions to the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time.


Together, We MENTOR Youth to ACT for Sustainability. Together, We INFORM Everyone to INSPIRE for Sustainability. Together, We EMPOWER Higher Education Institutions to ENABLE for Sustainability. Together, We ENCOURAGE the Community to CHANGE for Sustainability.

Together, We CONTRIBUTE to and CO-CREATE a World with a Future for All.

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Status of the Project

After the success of Sustainability Weeks in 14 cities including 28 higher education institutions in Switzerland, Sustainability Week International was founded in spring 2019. The aim is to spread the concept and the gained knowhow around the world. Until the end of 2019, teams at higher education institutions from 10 different countries joined, most of them in Africa and Asia. They all plan a Sustainability Week at their local higher education institution in spring 2020. With this Wemakeit-Campaign, the teams should recieve the necessary financial kickstart.

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Marketing & Infrastructure

We are all working voluntary for Sustainability Week International, so do the National and Local Sustainability Week members. Nevertheless, we need financial support for infrastructure, communication, marketing and other stuff.

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