Swap you flat to gain in quality of life!

SWAPIN is a platform where people can search for and exchange flats. It applies matchmaking techniques to find potential swap opportunities: if you live in a flat that would fit another person taste and vice-versa, you’ll be matched together.

Our main objectives :

• Invigorate the rental housing market by making it more transparent and efficient

• Make the life of renters easier. Did you know they form the majority of the Swiss population (65-80% in Swiss cities!) ?

A similar concept is already in place in the UK where it was encouraged by the government. The city of Berlin has recently announced that they will implement a similar approach for their social housing portfolio (links at the bottom of the page).

When will we have it in Switzerland ? It’s up to you!


The end of the traditional housing websites

Current platforms are outdated. They haven’t changed since the early 2000’s. They require a strong and active commitment from the user. Users are often cornered into filtering large amount of irrelevant information provided by these platforms (periodic emails often with irrelevant content).

SWAPIN helps you in finding your dream flat and watches the market for you – saving you precious time. Here what it can do:

• A larger market: SWAPIN finds other users with reciprocal needs, thereby freeing additional flats and creating opportunities that do not exist on traditional platforms.

• Innovative: SWAPIN will allow swaps and « chains » with more than 2 tenants in the future, thus increasing the likelihood of finding you the perfect flat.

• Passive search: You are not in a hurry to move to a different neighborhood? Just tell SWAPIN and it will notify you when an opportunity comes around!

• Social : Contact other users you matched with, create a profile to inspire trust and promote collaboration.

Here are a few screenshots of our app in development:

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Why back us?

Simply to give more options to all renters in Switzerland (and abroad). SWAPIN is not a miracle solution pretending to solve all problems in the housing market. We understand that and will try to remove all hurdles one by one.

But by giving people access to flats that are not yet openly offered on the market, SWAPIN contributes without a doubt to improve the mobility and choice of all renters. That’s why we need you: to make it happen!

Backers’ rewards are mostly dematerialized and represent your wish to make this project come true. We aim to make SWAPIN free for everyone eventually and we hope your contributions will have a big impact in a few months :).

Our objective of CHF 12’000 represents the minimum amount we need to finance the launch of the platform. Namely:

1) develop the final version, based on the feedback received by our beta-testers (yes, you and your ideas!)

2) pay artists and developers who will improve the app for your viewing pleasure

3 ) feed electricity to our servers on the cloud

4) spend a little in marketing to ensure you will have enough people to swap your flat with !

Concerning our project management, we made the decision to work with local companies and void sub-contracting work abroad. We aim to build competences in Switzerland and, hopefully, create a few jobs.

Our team is looking forward to hearing from you so we can build this platform together !