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Solar sharing for the energy transition, cows in the pasture and oases in the Sahara.

We have the unique opportunity to participate in the Impact Fund. If we achieve our financing goal with the help of 200 supporters, our project will be boosted with an additional CHF 25’000! So, your support is twice for us! 💙

But now to our project:

With AGRI-PHOTOVOLTAICS (Agri-PV), the open space is used simultaneously for photovoltaics and agriculture (solar sharing). In the course of climate change, this technology is gaining importance because it can reduce the drying out of the soil and damage to plants from excessive solar radiation.

One of the central questions of the energy transition is how the expansion of outdoor photovoltaic systems will have the most positive effect on environmental protection, agriculture, and nature conservation.

In cooperation with ETH Zürich - the partner specialized in the development of technologies, we would like to work out innovative ideas for the cost-effective assembly of solar panels. Since the solution lies in the combination of ropes and steel profiles, we want to invite the best Swiss material and construction specialists to collaborate.

We would like to optimize the construction for these solar modules: Meyer Burger AG (Gwatt-Thun, CH), Insolight Theia Agrivoltaics (Lausanne, CH), Saule Technologies - Perovskite thin-film solar cells (Wroclaw Technology Park, PL).

We are looking for financial means to optimize the concept for three different sizes:

• SMALL (5m x 5m) above a caravan or a smaller flower bed, • MEDIUM (10m x 30m) above a parking lot for electric cars, • LARGE (100m x 100m) over arable fields, pastures, meadows, and oases in the desert.

Your support can make it possible to calculate these prototypes for strength based on the expected loads. In the next phase, a test system is set up and functionality is tested.

We want to implement the first small and medium pilot system in Kandersteg and it can be viewed on-site in combination with a hike:

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APV-IN system as a model for team cooperation.

There are hundreds of reasons why the Agri-PV is very useful and promising, most of which you can find on the project website:

-> https://apv-in-system.com/10x10

Our solution, the APV-IN system, offers three advantages:

  1. low material costs: up to 5 times less steel,
  2. double stability: the combination of rope and steel profiles,
  3. narrow modules: water, snow, and wind advantages.

We don’t just want to create innovative technology, we also want to actively integrate everyone involved as team partners. You can register on our portal as a member of the support team in order to keep yourself up to date on important aspects of the project and also to be able to decide on the variants of the development strategy.

Examples of the existing Agri-PV installations:

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Together we can make the world a better place!

Your support can inspire AgroPhotoVoltaik! Together we can show that it is not only possible but also worthwhile, to use the APV-IN system in installations of various sizes.

The SMALL version for self-sufficiency in electricity, e.g. in a caravan on a campsite, the MIDDLE installation for electric cars on a parking lot.

For the LARGE systems, we only want to have one project completed at first. Not just for the energy transition! This solution is also suitable as a roof with protection against sun or storms for cows, sheep, and goats in the pasture. Oases in the Sahara or elsewhere in the desert can be enlarged and increased through cooling and reduced evaporation.

Everything TT = Team Transparent - As a member of the APV-IN team, you can even have a say in the project strategy! Depending on the amount of your support contribution.

If you want to join us on the path to truly sustainable and gentle electricity production, then become a supporter! We would be happy to have you with us. Because only together can we change the way energy is produced.

We look forward to seeing you in Kandersteg.

Many Thanks!