Swiss Youth for climate is going to COP25 to push the parties to more commitment to fight climate change.

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From Chile to Madrid: COP25

After Chile canceled its hosting of COP25 due to civil unrest, the Spanish government offered to host this year’s COP in Madrid. This was good news for Swiss Youth for Climate, which in previous years participated to Europe-based COPs but which decided in 2019 not to go to Chile to limit its carbon footprint. Since the location is closer and the emission costs to reach the place are therefore much less (we are traveling by train), we now have the opportunity to take part in the conference.

Why is our partecipation important?

This year, due to the change of location, many representatives of NGOs will not be able to participate, resulting in an underrepresentation of the civil society. For this reason, our participation as observer NGO is crucial to raise the voice of the civil society and push the parties to more commitment. As young representatives, we want to raise our voice on behalf of younger generations that in the last year took over the streets and claimed for more effective climate policies. The Paris Agreement will enter into force in 2020 and, hence, this COP will be fundamental to fix its last implementation details and to refine the Nationally Determined Contributions up to 2030. The Paris rulebook, which contains the guidelines to implement the Paris Agreement, has been agreed last year at COP24 in Poland. A few elements of the Rulebook still need to be finalized (carbon market and finance in particular) and will be discussed during this COP. With our participation we want to make sure that this is going to happen!

Walk the talk

Why are we reaching out to you?? Your support, which is going to be very precious, would allow our delegation to participate to COP25 in Madrid and fight for our future. Become a sponsor, join us in the commitment to a sustainable future.