Swiss Youth for Climate is going to the COP23 in Bonn to make sure that the promises born from the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 at the COP21 are translated in concrete and ambitious actions.

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On the foundations of Paris

This year, the United Nations’ conference on climate change, the COP23, will take place in November in Bonn, Germany. Delegations from 196 countries will again try to find ways to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Delegates from these 196 nations will be there, but not only! During ever COP, youth delegations take part to the conference in order to be heard! As young people from Switzerland, we would like to once again be among them.

Two years again, thanks to your help, we participated at the COP21, in Paris. The adopted agreement is crucial step in the fight against climate change.

Last year, again thanks to your support, we went to the COP22, in Marrakesh. There, countries started discussions around the concrete implementation of the Paris Agreement, for which many elements still need to be defined. It is also during the COP22 that Donald Trump, notable climate skeptics, has been elected President of the USA. He reminded us several months later, announcing the withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement, that the fight is far from being won.

All in all, foundations have been set in Paris. They are however still weak and it is now time to double efforts in order to build together the whole sustainability edifice.

A new momentum for climate!

If some Heads of States step back and jeopardize common efforts against climate change, others are well determined to take action. Our youth delegation is ready to support this new momentum for climate! We will redouble our efforts to remind negotiators the commitments they promised in Paris and their responsibilities regarding our generation and the ones to come.

To this end, we will use the precious experience that we acquired at the COP21 and the COP22, as well as the large network that we built with other youth associations from all over the world. Moreover, we continued our local actions of awareness raising and mobilisation towards youth in Switzerland.

A larger experience, an even more motivated delegation: we are ready for the COP23!

Walk the talk

The only thing missing? Your support, so valuable, to allow us to go to Bonn and fight for our future. Become a collaborator of change and take part to our commitment for a brighter future.

Thank you very much!

Victor Kristof, Océane Dayer, Benedikt Knüsel, Marine Decrey, Anaïs Campion, Sandro Benz, Marie-Claire Graf, Manon Ebel and Gaëlle Talandier.