The <<Coffee culture>> is well-known in Sydney- There is pretty much a great café on every corner. You can’t help but notice that people everywhere on the street have a take-away cup in their hand. Sydney-siders have become picky about their coffee, even travelling quite some distance to sample the best cup or go to the café of the moment. We pride ourselves on having some of the best coffee and baristas in the world.

This café ideology is just beginning in Switzerland. We have become used to drinking our convenient instant coffee. When we have a coffee outside of home there is usually no craft, our coffees are made on automatic machines and the beans have been over-roasted, haven’t been stored properly and have lost all their flavour leaving a nasty bitter after-taste.

Latte is pretty rare to find on the menu and is normally served with over-heated and over-frothed milk. Switzerland has a market for artisanal coffee. We would like to show what great barista coffee is. We want to share our passion with the public. Our ambition is to install a coffee culture like there is in SYDNEY…hence our name.


There is no push of a button here…We hand-pull every shot and make sure it is tampered to perfection. Our beans are fresh with a delicate roasting to enhance their flavours. Our milk is textured and frothed to the right consistency and temperature. Whether you like it black or white we will create that coffee perfectly for you.

We are forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending & tasting. For all our joking-around, we take our coffee very seriously. We try to source ethically & environmentally sound beans, products & produce. We source beans and roasters that have the highest quality and variety.

Our range also offers a wide assortment of teas, hot and iced.


We work with fresh, local and organic ingredients where possible. The menus created by  Pastry Chef, Julien are seasonal, simple, fresh and tasty. SYDNEY CAFE has of course great coffee on offer but also has a selection of desserts, muselis, fruit juices, sandwiches etc-SYDNEY CAFE is perfect for those on the go, or those looking for that place to enjoy their coffee with a good vibe.


ALEXANDRA MONNEY: Sydney-born, studied design , loves the café lifestyle and really misses it!

JIMMY MONNEY : Great with people, always knows what’s going on and where to be...he needs his coffee every morning!

JULIEN MONNEY : Foodie, Pastry chef, eye for detail, passionate about food and coffee.

SO...We need you!

Now that our truck is ordered, and almost at the end of production...Our pockets are empty!!

This is where you have the opportunity to accompany us in finishing our project! We need your help to complete our mobile café space. Cups, packaging, website and decorations and all the other final touches that will let us be able to serve you in a pleasant and relaxing environment all over la Romandie...Join the Family SYDNEY CAFE !!