The travelling exhibition of Sylvie’s eyes – accompanied by a performance between this world and the next. An immersion in mortality.

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A travelling exhibition ...

Bevore Sylvie, my best friend, died in the high summer of 2013, she left me her colourful clothes for a patchwork. This work – Sylvie’s gaze at us – is now finished and ready for the general public.

... a performance

A literary musical story unfolded during the many months of my textile work on the patchwork. Analogue to the patches of the patchwork I perform a set from electro-poetry, spoken word sequences, short songs and stories between Sylvie’s pair of eyes and the audience.


When we distance ourselves from religion, a whole row of rituals and a concept of the afterlife go astray. «Sylvie Was Here» is my alternative.

This project gives Sylvie’s large circle of friends a chance to link once again with her, to delve, to remember. The patchwork from Sylvie’s clothes is actually common property.

Sylvie worked in the background, supervised musicians from around the world at a concert agency and took care that their images were distributed to the general public. She fended for much with her gaze. I would like to bring her posthumously into the foreground.

From pixel to Patchwork

  • Ich platzierte Patches
    Ich platzierte Patches
  • mit Güfeli
    mit Güfeli
  • gemäss verpixelter Photografie
    gemäss verpixelter Photografie
  • und nähte sie in vielen Schritten zusammen.
    und nähte sie in vielen Schritten zusammen.
  • Das Work verkleinert sich mit dem vernähen
    Das Work verkleinert sich mit dem vernähen
  •  um die Saumzugabe.
    um die Saumzugabe.
  • 1488 Pixel-Patches.
    1488 Pixel-Patches.
  • Ihre Augen
    Ihre Augen
  • ihre Kleider
    ihre Kleider
  • in Erinnerung.
    in Erinnerung.

How come?

The leading part in my artistic existence since the 80s is poetry, music and performance. To receive closure from the death of loved ones I have returned to the creative roots of my years at the Art School of Zurich in the 70s.

The older I become the more I transcend the different categories. «Sylvie Was Here» is a ceremony that I hope you will be part of.

Sylvie and I during our violet phase
Sylvie and I during our violet phase


  • «Sylvie Was Here» in Winterthur – Exhibition in the Alten Kaserne from 22.8. to 27.8.2016 – Performance on 25.8.
  • «Sylvie Was Here» in Zurich – Exhibition in der Photobastei from 29.9. to 9.10.2016 – Performance on 1.10.
  • «Sylvie Was Here» in Stäfa – Exhibition in Rössli Stäfa from 28.11. to 1.12.2016 – Performance and Get-together on 1.12.

We need your support for

The payment for our small team, a sound engineer, graphic designer, photographer, rehearsals, amongst other outlays. Sound and light equipment, rehearsal room, printing and postage and last, but not least, a transport case for the patchwork create costs. We are dependent on your participation!