With YOUR help we want to produce our first performance t-shirt with recycled ocean plastic. You help clean up the oceans plus invest in building a reef with the Swiss organisation rrreefs!

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TEAL Mission

At TEAL PROJECT, we view plastic that is floating in the ocean or could theoretically end up there as a valuable resource that can be collected and recycled into high-quality fibres. In this way, we not only play a part in protecting our oceans, but also reduce the demand for new plastics.

We spent two years developing our first product - performance socks - and finding suppliers in Europe to turn ocean waste and recycled plastic from land into high-quality fibres.


💙 With 1 kg of SEAQUAL® YARN we reduce the waste in the oceans by about 600 grams! 💙

The waste is collected by fishermen and local environmental protection associations. These are different types of material that are sorted and fed into a recycling cycle. A new raw material is created from the PET plastic share of the total waste volume.

SEAQUAL® YARN contains about 10 % of plastic waste from the sea, while the remaining 90 % comes from recycled PET from the land.


That’s why we rely on reliable partners nearby. Our manufacturer in Portugal and our great distribution partner Züriwerk - a non-profit organisation for people with disabilities - are the foundation for our products.

💙 Developed in Switzerland & produced in Portugal 💙

TEAL T-Shirt

We want to expand our range to recycle even more plastic. We are passionate about working with 💙 YOUR HELP 💙 to create our first performance t-shirt made from cotton and recycled plastic from the land and ocean.


💙 As co-founder of TEAL and professional snowboarder, David Habluetzel ensures that functionality is at the forefront of our products 💙.

Our performance t-shirt is made from 67% organic cotton and 33% SEAQUAL® YARN. Not only does the 33% protect the ocean, but the synthetic yarn also better regulates moisture and keeps your t-shirt fresh for a long time.

Thanks to the sporty fit, our T-shirt is the perfect companion for your daily adventures.

Available in Ocean Blue and Coral Red, as well as in two sizes S/M and L/XL 💙 The shirt is made of a synthetic yarn.

TEAL x rrreefs

💙 We want healthy oceans full of life! We want coral reefs to survive! That’s why we are building a coral reef in the Philippines together with rrreefs. 💙

rrreefs is a Swiss organisation that restores artificial reefs using 3D-printed building blocks, creating habitats for millions of marine species. ______________________


💙5% of the entire campaign will go towards our reef 💙