With your help we create a new cocktail culture in Switzerland. Help give people easier access to amazing take away cocktails. Let's just drink better in the future!

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This is what it's all about.

I have been working as a bartender with heart and soul for more than 10 years. I love mixing cocktails and that’s why I did several courses in this field and later worked in London behind the most famous cocktail bar in England. My goal is to share my passion for good drinks with the people of Switzerland. That’s why I took the step into self-employment and founded an online shop for take-away cocktails.

They are the perfect drink for special occasions such as birthdays, company celebrations, wedding aperitifs, romantic dates at home and many more. But you can’t buy them anywhere. Many parties are now celebrated at home or in a public place. My start-up «DrinxDihäi» produces ready-mixed and pre-portioned cocktails for just such occasions.

All you need to prepare is a glass and ice. Save yourself the purchase of expensive spirits and the recipe search. The internet is saturated with cocktail recipes, making it easier to order ready-mixed drinks from me. Also because you don’t need any bar equipment and don’t have to hoard opened bottles later.

Some classic cocktails like the margarita, the daiquiri or a negroni can be perfectly packed in a bottle without sacrificing quality or taste. The idea behind Take Away Cocktails is that you can enjoy a sensational cocktail at home (or wherever you are) without having to go to an expensive bar.

  • Dein Negroni in 30 Sekunden zubereitet
    Dein Negroni in 30 Sekunden zubereitet
  • Mehr Zeit für deine Freunde
    Mehr Zeit für deine Freunde
  • Spart bares Geld
    Spart bares Geld

My project is special because ...

The ingenious thing about the take away cocktails is that they are indistinguishable from a cocktail in the bar. You have the advantage that you will delight all your guests with the bottles at your party, because there is something for every taste.

In addition, there is an enormous saving of time and money in the preparation of the drinks, which can also be of interest for catering establishments. They replace the work of a bartender. There is potential to penetrate this market as well.

With your support, we can make cocktails more accessible in general. They are ideal for visitors to a festival, concert halls, a campsite, etc. We offer operators and guests added value with good cocktails for little money. The brand can thus be changed without losing authenticity: Drinx Dihäi goes «Drinx am Festival», «Drinx am See», «Drinx im Camper» etc.

It also has huge potential to change gastronomy in the long term. A «finished product» of this type saves high personnel costs, space and simplifies service processes. It simplifies ordering processes and is easier to calculate than various spirits, which very often simply represent dead capital.

  • Unverwechselbarer Geschmack wie in der Bar
    Unverwechselbarer Geschmack wie in der Bar
  • Ersetzt den Barkeeper
    Ersetzt den Barkeeper

This is what I need backing for.

I need your support to fill my marketing education gap because that is the key element in e-commerce. Thanks to your help, I can work with the company Bröös Media, which will support me for 4 months. Together we will work out a marketing strategy that we will use to win many new cocktail friends in the long term. We optimize my online shop so that it is user-friendly, addresses the user directly and is successful in the long term.

I need to optimize the design of my bottles/labels. The layout should reflect the love, craftsmanship and quality of the product. For this I need a professional graphic designer.

My shop also needs beautiful photos that should arouse emotions and convince. Part of the budget is also required for this.

Of course, advertisements are also planned, which in turn require money. But if we manage to make the campaign successful, then nothing will stand in the way of implementing the project!

  • Marketingcoaching und Onlineshop Optimierung
    Marketingcoaching und Onlineshop Optimierung
  • Hilfe vom Grafiker für ein neues tolles Etikett
    Hilfe vom Grafiker für ein neues tolles Etikett
  • Hilfe vom Fotografen für fantastische Produktfotos
    Hilfe vom Fotografen für fantastische Produktfotos