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We need your help to realize our second album and video-clip. The songs are ready and pre-produced: we just miss your precious help to bring our project to life!

CHF 7’680

40% of CHF 19’000

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Concluded on 11/3/2017

Who are we ?

Taken By Storm is not an unknown name in the Swiss and European music scene. Many concerts throughout Europe and Switzerland, as well as their debut album out in 2015, have allowed the band to reach a strong reputation in only two years of existence. But before the kickoff of the Taken By Storm Project, the bandmates have been touring Europe in some of the most prestigious concert halls (like Olympia/Paris or Montreux Jazz Festival) with Smells Like K Spirit, a Nirvana Tribute Act, born from the encounters of Hedi Black and Timmy Schenk (aka Timmy Storm) in 2010. Four years later, after some 150 unforgettable gigs and having won international media notoriety, they decide to form Taken By Storm. With a casual look and edgy sensitivity, Timmy Storm is the voice, rhythm guitarist, and resident poet/lyricist for TAKEN BY STORM. On the bass is Donn Torres, a multi-talented California musician who, in his long career, has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with great artists from the US and Europe. Hedi Black, experienced artist and in many cases the tireless leader of the group, lends himself to the role of the drummer. Alex Sanders, a virtuoso guitar player who has played with many top artists, joined TAKEN BY STORM in November 2014. With these four dynamic artists the group has taken off and is giving it their all on the new album due out in April 2017.

Our project

Today we need your help to realize our second album. In fact, apart from the time we invest to compose and arrange our new songs (what’s actually already a financial investment), the production of a CD and 2-3 video-clips to support and disseminate the album means an important amount of money… especially if we want to produce a great album. To not let our fans down, we are well decided to produce an even better album than the first one (Taken By Storm / We Ain’t Innocent). We’ll be recording in Switzerland at state of the art studios of Nicehill Sound Studio in Fribourg and Relief Studio in Belfaux. The mastering to be done in renown studios in the UK. A storyboard video-clip, which will be done as a short film, will also come out (directed by Jason Sereftug).

  • Taken By Storm - Moonless Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
    Taken By Storm - Moonless Night (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Our music style

The identity and musical signature of the album will be classic rock : powerful with a modern approach, spiced with metal, alternative rock, folk, electro rock, influenced by artists like MUSE, KORN, LED ZEPPELIN, NIRVANA, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, MARILYN MANSON, JOHNNY CASH, NICK CAVE… just to name a few! All this to be mixed with a recognizable and bewitching voice. Our first videoclip is already online ; produced and offered by Taken By Storm : My World Was In Your Hands. And as the title of the opus says it well, today our project is in your hands… Thanks in advance for your interest and support.