This summer 2014, I’m invited as a guest teacher to the Rhythm World Tap Festival in Chicago. This means I’ll be teaching and performing – truly a great honour for me.

On one evening, I’ll have the opportunity to present my own work. Besides solos and duets with Natalie Wagner and Ursina Meyer, this will also include two group pieces. The groups are made up of students of mine from the Dance Studio Liba Borak.

19 dancers will accompany me to the biggest tap festival , and they need to finance the whole journey as well as board and accommodation themselves. To enable my co-dancers to derive the maximum benefit from this festival, I would like to support them financially through my «We Make It – Tap Dan’s Scholarships» project.

I want the festival to be as richly rewarding for them as it was for me in the past. And this is exactly where I need YOUR help. Your support will make it possible for my co-dancers to take part in all the workshops and in the tap jams, and to attend the wonderful gala concerts.

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About the festival

It’s been held for 24 years, is organised by the great tap dance master Lane Alexander. It provides a huge array of guest teachers and jams and gala concerts, making it the largest tap dance event in the world.

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My connection to the festival

I myself had the opportunity to take part as a student in 2008, 2010 and 2011. Each time it was an eye-opening experience, showing me how endlessly varied and big and beautiful this art form is.

This is what you get

You will be rewarded for your support. If you are a private individual, you will be given free tickets for our next show or free dance lessons at our studio. If you are a tap dance school willing to support us, I’ll be happy to conduct a workshop at your school. If you are a firm thatwants to help us, we’ll create a unique show for your next company event.

Take a look at the whole range of offers at «We Make It», choose something suitable, and giveus your support! With YOUR help, our trip to Chicago will turn into a fantastic and enriching experience. I would be extremely happy to hear from you!

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