Basel's 1st Indian Tea Room

To launch 1st store of Time to Tea in Basel Switzerland in February 2020, we are fund raising to cover the cost of company incorporation, renovation, stock procurement, legal and other charges.

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We are launching 1st Indian Tea Rooms where all high quality Indian Teas will be imported. Our Teas are procured directly from gardens of Assam, Darjeeling & Manipur contributing to the development of these regions and supporting entrepreneurship.

Our Products are directly procured from the gardens of Assam, Darjeeling & Manipur. These regions are under-developed and imports from these regions help them with the overall development of the region and also to help and support primarily women entrepreneurs and also others who are working hard to grow the high quality crop and making it available to the world.

Time to Tea is all about creating a culture of consumption of healthy beverages and reducing the impact of aerated & preservative based beverages. Goal is to make High Quality Indian Teas available across globe through Fair Trade & direct procurement of products from gardens and farmers.

Firm Foundation, lawyer costs, setting up the Tea Room & Marketing

I need funds to form the company so that I can also contribute to Swiss Economy rather than just registering the subsidiary or branch of our Indian company in Switzerland. This also helps me to create a stronger bond and relationship between India & Switzerland.

Having Indian Teas available without processing and Tea Bags options in Switzerland by us will be just like procuring Fruits & Vegetables from Farmers directly as we procure our Teas directly from Gardens & Tea Estates