«Terrors» short film

by KW films


KW films is at it again! We are producing another short film. We’ve already shot the film and are editing it to be premiered in September 2017. But oh the funds, they are scarce – we need your help!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 29/5/2017

What it is about?

Last year – while I was still finishing up the production of my first short film «Stand Clear of the Closing Doors» – I already started working on a new project. As a self-taught filmmaker I have learned a whole lot of valuable lessons while producing my first film – a good part of this experience now has been and will be incorporated into the making of my current short film. Of course there is still a lot to be learned and already this current project has taught me a lot again and given me valuable new insights. Filmmaking is a bit like riding a roller-coaster - sometimes extremely exciting and sometimes slightly terrifying. I would be thrilled to have you along for the ride as a supporter of my project!

What is this film about?

KW films’ second short film deals with the topic of our time: Terror. How much do we sacrifice for safety? And do we even make a conscious decision or is our primordial fear response taking over?

But don’t worry, the film is not going to leave you terrified or saddened – if anything it will leave you with some food for thought.

Where are we with this project?

We couldn’t – well, didn’t want to – wait to start filming, so I dug deep into my savings and financed the filming myself (with the help of some faithful sponsors who already made their contribution). But this was only half of it. The whole post-production is still to come: editing, music, subtitling, festival submissions etc. In order to properly finish this project, I need a little help from the crowd - from you!

The great news is that you don’t have to break the bank to support this project! Every donation helps. And keep in mind, even if the designated goal has been reached, you can still donate - sky is the limit ;).

Who are you backing?

Meet the awesome crew behind «Terrors» short film: