Do you want to know if Universal Basic Income makes people lazy? Then support this campaign now, because on September 25th Zurich will vote on a scientific Basic Income pilot project.

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Successfully concluded on 16/7/2022

Here’s what it’s all about:

The discussion about universal basic income is based primarily on ideological beliefs. We want the debate to be conducted realistically - and provide the scientific data to do so.

On September 25, the initiative will be put to the vote in the city of Zurich. The initiative calls for the implementation of a scientifically accompanied pilot project. This is intended to create facts on the subject of a universal basic income. The pilot will last 3 years and will be carried out on at least 500 test persons and a corresponding control group.

In order to run an effective campaign, we need your support.

Help to enable new ways of producing knowledge in the field of basic financial security that will be helpful for the whole world. Digitalization, automation, pandemics, climate crisis and increasing scarcity of resources are enormous challenges that need to be solved. Social systems and gainful employment are coming under increasing pressure. There is an urgent need for new ideas and ways to respond positively to this change. Universal Basic Income could be such an approach. To be sure of that, we need more knowledge and scientifically reliable facts!

  • Münsterhof Zürich, Aktion zur Einreichung der Unterschriften
    Münsterhof Zürich, Aktion zur Einreichung der Unterschriften
  • Münsterhof Zürich, Aktion zur Einreichung der Unterschriften
    Münsterhof Zürich, Aktion zur Einreichung der Unterschriften

The worldwide first democratic YES on Universal Basic Income.

So far, there has been no positive democratic referendum on Universal Basic Income anywhere in the world. Zürich could change that and make headlines around the globe.

If the Zürich electorate says YES, the city will be tasked with providing funding and scientific implementation. Thus, important findings on the effect on people, the implementation, financing and introduction of a basic income can be made, for Switzerland and the world.

For this we need your support:

In order to run an unforgettable political campaign in the run-up to the referendum, we need your financial support. With this campaign, we will generate the attention needed to win the local initiative. This campaign should have a signal effect far beyond the country’s borders. In this way, we want to make a contribution to reduce global poverty. #BasicIncome4All