The FabLab-Neuch is becoming more and more accessible! The Abo! is a (very) affordable subscription that offers (almost) unlimited access to the FabLab and its various fabrication tools.

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(Almost) unlimited access!

The FabLab of Neuchâtel wants to offer an unlimited and cheap subscription! For 180 CHF / year (excluding material costs), this subscription will give you access to all the machines of the FabLab (during our opening hours). It will also allow you to follow for free the different trainings necessary to use the fabrication tools. And for young people aged 12-17, in addition to access to the FabLab, 6 workshops per year will be organized (on Wednesday afternoons) to learn how to model, program (basic programming), master digital fabrication, etc.

My project is special because ...

The Abo! aims to make the FabLab even more accessible. In terms of accessibility of learning and use, for more than 10 years, we have been trying to choose machines, tools and software that are as easy to use as possible. Today, we are tackling affordability! With L’Abo, we considerably reduce the costs of use! This «WeMakeIt» campaign will help launch L’Abo. For the following years, L’Abo will be paid by invoice. The detailed conditions of L’Abo can be found on our website (link at the bottom of this page)

This is what I need backing for.

The more people contribute financially to the different costs of the FabLab (maintenance of the machines, electricity, purchase of new machines, salaries, etc.) the more the FabLab can offer affordable prices. We need a minimum number of subscribers (around 80) to be able to break the prices as we want to do with the Abo! The more the merrier! Spread the word! To thank our contributors, we collaborated with some students from L’Académie de Meuron, a visual arts school in Neuchâtel. They created two t-shirts for us: real works of art, a nod to the world of FabLabs and «makers». The t-shirts will then be silk-screened (in limited edition!) in one of the many workshops of the Alfaset foundation, an institution that employs disabled people in the canton of Neuchâtel.