Actions for the future of the museum

  • To re arrange the temporary exhibition room (± 70 m) and allow a better understanding of the works from sub-Saharan African
  • To organize more creative workshops for children with educational activities and games to encourage learning based on current exhibition themes.
  • To enrich tours with new media tools
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The project

The African Museum presents two or three temporary exhibitions per year; is part of the Contemporary Art Fair of Lyons (2015) profiling the work of young African artists; participates in European Heritage Days and in the European Night of Museums; and organizes weekly workshops for visitors of the permanent display.

In order to carry on with these activities which are essential to the livelihood of the Museum, we need to improve and upgrade the way the museum is organised and managed for the upcoming exhibitions in 2016: Children’s games–ritual figurines; Migrants from African and West Indies in Lyons; the representation of African women in photography of the XXe- XXIe centuries. We need to acquire display material which is appropriate for a modern:

  • Wooden pedestals with Plexiglas display cases to show and protect the exhibits
  • Brass base for a certain types of sculptures
  • Lights or sources of lights – spotlights, indirect lighting, special light bulb – for a better preservation of the works of art and a better display

In order to carry on, we need to offer a wider range of creative activities in workshops for children

In order to carry on, we need to improve our communications through an efficient strategy using all the current accessible means.

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Culture for everyone

In order to carry on, we need to organize more guided tours and creative workshops designed for disabled members of the public, and particularly for those who are visually impaired.

In order to continue, we need to develop our educational activity for public schoolchildren though interactive guided tours.

The museum

The purpose of this museum is to showcase the artistic heritage of sub-Saharan Africa and spread the knowledge of this culture through the permanent display, the temporary exhibitions and creative workshops. The museum was founded at the end of the twentieth century; it is managed by an association with 4 employees, including 2 people from the civic service, and volunteers. The museum has no public subsidy: it relies on income from entrance tickets and private donations. The museum shows a permanent display of 6 000 items coming mainly from Benin, Ivory Cost, Togo, and also, from Mali.

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Why should you help us?

  • We need to revitalise the museum and consolidate the activity we started with the presentation of the young African artistic movement.
  • We need to diversify the workshops and provide more guided tours to all members of the publics.
  • We need proper tools to communicate.

The funds raised will be used for

  • To continue with communicating and maintaining the ancient heritage of subsaharan Africa
  • To continue with communicating and maintaining the ancient heritage of subsaharan Africa
  • Showing it to all members of the public,
  • To continue our work exploring other cultures

The museum needs your help! It must survive.

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