«The Call Of Death» is the final year project of the 17-year-old Bernese Délia Antonio (screenplay, directing, leading actress), produced by the production company Decoy Collective.

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Successfully concluded on 23/8/2013

A short film as a final year Project

The short film «The Call of Death» is the final year project of the only 17-year-old Bernese Délia Antonio. She has written the screenplay, directs the movie and features in the leading part.

The film is produced by the Bernese production firm Decoy Collective Gmbh, which has gained a reputation with the realisation of music videos and commercials as well as the prize-winning short film «Halbschlaf» (2011) and the short film «Deadlocked» (2013), which is currently in festival circuit.

Our goal is to show the film at as many festivals as possible, in Switzerland and abroad. The plan is to premiere the film at the 49th Solothurn Film Festival in January 2014. Afterwards the film will be released on the internet.


Abused by her stepfather when a child, Galina now lives in a world of delusion and despair. Driven by the desire for revenge she returns to the place she had hoped never to set foot in again.


Délia Antonio as Galina

Doro Müggler («Sommervögel», «Zwerge sprengen») as the mother

Manfred Liechti («Late Bloomers», «Der Fürsorger») as the stepfather


Making films is very expensive. At least half of the budget is usually taken up by the salaries of the productive, artistic and technical staff, as well as the actors’ fees. For «The Call of Death» all the staff forego their salaries and the actors have agreed to do without a fee.

Nonetheless, the costs for the material required quickly accumulate. We therefore need funds.

What we need and what you get

With your contribution we will be able to pay some of the following costs: rental fee of technical equipment (camera, objectives, dolly, lights, sound gadgets etc.) and of props, purchase of decoration material such as colour and drapes, costumes, make-up, printing of filmposters, postcards etc.

We will only be able to finance all this with your help! You can fund our project, starting from only CHF 5.-! In return for your support you will get attractive gifts such as DVDs, posters, postcards, postcard sets or even your name in the credits! You will find the different packages in the column to the right.

Our goal is to collect a sum of CHF 6’000 in 60 days in order to have a minimal budget for material rentals, transport and catering.

Screenplay and directing: Délia Antonio

Born 1995 in Bern. Acting lessons since 2006.

Producer: Johannes Hartmann

Born 1985 in Basel, grown up in Kanton Bern. Video productions since 2007. 2009 co-founder of the production company Decoy Collective Ltd liab. Co in Bern.

Filmography (short films): «Deadlocked» (CH 2013), «Halbschlaf» (CH 2011)

Production company: Decoy Collective Ltd liab. Co

Founded 2010. Specialized in the production of music videos, commercials and short films.

Filmography (short films): «Deadlocked» (CH 2013), «Halbschlaf» (CH 2011)

Produktionsfirma: Decoy Collective GmbH

Gegründet 2010. Spezialisiert auf die Produktion von Musikvideos, Werbefilmen und Kurzspielfilmen.

Filmografie (Kurzfilme): «Deadlocked» (CH 2013), «Halbschlaf» (CH 2011)

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