The only event of this kind in Switzerland

After two successful editions in 2018 and 2019, the Climate Express will return in 2021 (unfortunately,the 2020 edition had to be skipped due to the exceptional circumstances). It is the only orienteering race of its kind in Switzerland. From 08 to 09 May 2021, participants of all ages will have to navigate point to point across French-speaking Switzerland as quickly as possible, while generating the lowest possible carbon footprint. The differentcheckpoints are chosen by us and promote existing sustainable actions in the region. The themes span across mobility, food, agriculture, housing, biodiversity, renewable energy, and many more!

The event will be filmed for the purpose of promoting soft mobility, social actions and sustainable projects. In addition, the various screenings and the distribution of the video will raise awareness on climate issues, initiate new sustainable incentives and strengthen individual actions.

IMPORTANT INFO REGARDING THE STATUS OF THE PROJECT: This project has been selected by the wemakeit Impact Fund! Meaning for a total contribution of over 25,000 Fr. by at least 200 contributors, wemakeit Impact Fund will donate an additional 25,000 Fr. Your donations therefore count double!

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A fun, educational, inspiring and unifying project

We are constantly innovating and have many ideas for future editions. We want to create synergies between generations to show that the climate action transcends age. The race will therefore be open to all ages, and collaboration between the teams will be encouraged.

We are targetingthe French speaking part of Switzerland (Romandie), for the next edition at least, in order to showcasethe existing sustainable projects in our beautiful region. We believe that shining a light on what is possible to do at our scale promotes significant localimpactto protect the environment.

This project is in itself inspirational. The participants discover projectsthat provide them with inspiringfood for thought and stimulate them to take action. People who watch the video are often inspired by certain agents of change. For example,reCIRCLE was featured at Climate Express 2019. The company has created a reusablebox system for restaurants to reduce single-use plastics. Some of the participants subsequently contacted several restaurants recommending the approach, and encouraged them to use these boxes, andthus, considerably reduce their impact on the environment. Another example is the Lausanne WWF Youth group, which will organize, with our guidance, a Climate Express in the canton of Valais.

The project is didactic. The video recording makes it possible to introduce new concepts and approaches while raising awareness on climate issues. Various screenings have taken place, notably at the Green Film Festival (FFV), at the Alternatiba festival in Geneva. The video was also scheduled to appear at the International Climate Show, had the show not been cancelled due to the pandemic.

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Support needed for sustainability

As you all know, the year 2020 has been shaken by a virus that is disrupting our daily lives. The majority of organizations are reluctant to answer our sponsorship requests given the complicated financial situation they face. Luckily, we can count on the support of LoterieRomande, but this will not cover the entire cost of the project. Your contributions are therefore needed. We see this crisis as a turning point for the world, creating awareness and acting as an even stronger lever for action. It forces us to turn to local resources, pushes us to look at the beauties that exist around us and forces us to slow down. This project echoes these paradigm shifts and aims to pursue them, giving them a more lasting inscription.

This next edition and the following ones will inject new impetus into the climate race, which is not about to be slowed down. They are intended to be inclusive, unifying, intergenerational, local and sustainable.

We want to mark the end of the race by organizing a special event in Lausanne to promote discussions and awareness around climate issues. The organization of the race, the aforementioned facilities as well as the imagined visual coverage and its dissemination require significant funding of CHF 25,000 per edition. These funds will help cover the essential costs to raise awareness and inspire change. Indeed, the short film production costs CHF 15,000 alone, other costs include the race logistics(CHF 7,000) and the screening of the film (CHF 3,000). The Climate Express video represents more than 70,000 cumulative views between the various distribution channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other; which testifies to its power to generate awareness.

Thank you very much for your precious help!

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