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What it is about?

oblongs.net – The Community Builder

Start a shared interest group with people who live near you!

oblongs.net is a website for local community building. It allows you to start groups in any one of over 130 categories with people that live in your area and share your interests. Main categories:

  • Sport
  • Politics/Public Life
  • NGOs
  • Arts/Culture
  • Sciences
  • Language Learning
  • Business Associates
  • Board Games/Cards
  • Travel
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Health and Health Problems
  • Mothers With Babies; and Pensioners.

What is oblongs.net and why is it great?

I am Sándor Juhász from Hungary. I thought up and created oblongs.net because I believed it would be great to have a website that helps bring together people who live in the same area and have similar interests and makes it easy for them to organize personal meetings. The fact that I had no money or computer programming skills to rely on did not seem much of an obstacle: first I learned how to develop a website and then made oblongs.net myself. Apparently, a community site is the better the higher the number of its users. This campaign gives me a great opportunity to assess how many people share my belief in the importance of having a forum like this and to use the help of those interested to pass the opportunity on to the largest number of people possible.


This is why I need support

If you have an interest yourself that you would like to share with other people in your area or agree that besides an ever-expanding virtual world personal relationships and shared experiences are important, too, you can choose from a number of ways to help my project:

Start groups on oblongs.net in categories of interest to you (after signing up) and share them on Facebook and Twitter;

Make a financial contribution. At the end of the campaign all contributions, irrespective of the campaign target amount, will be spent on Facebook and Google campaigns targeted at the area of the contributor. It means that the entire reward will be used to let more people in your area know about your group building efforts and the community building opportunities provided by oblongs.net. Please help my online campaigning activity by sending an email to info@oblongs.net.

When oblongs.net has a sufficient number of users I plan to find a financially strong strategic investor to further develop the site.

Join in and build your own local communities with oblongs.net



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