This is what it's all about.

Geneva 2019, EMMA (42), married to MARC (35). After 15 years of marriage without children, Emma becomes pregnant. Following the examinations, it was confirmed that the child would be born with Down Syndrome. The events accelerate with this result, different people intervene to help Emma to make the decision to abort or to keep the baby. Her husband, Marc, does not want to have a disabled baby. Emma suffers from a psychological crisis to consider suicide. What will be the final decision? Abort or keep the child?

My project is special because ...

Through this film, we will address the opinions, arguments and different opinions regarding a pregnancy of a disabled baby.

We will live with the mother’s psychological state and the pressure that people put on her.

This is what I need backing for.

All crew are volunteers.

The money we are going to collect will be used to cover the following posts:

  • The transport of the team
  • Rental of technical equipment (camera, light, travelling track, etc …)
  • Feeding 30 people during 4 days of shooting
  • Makeup, accessories …
  • Registration in festivals
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