Help The Acousmatic Jug Band to finance and present his interactive DVD!

We need your help to complete our interactive DVD, and to finance and promote our 2014/2015 tour.

The Department of Misfortunes?

The Department of Misfortune is a project of Benoît Gisler and his Acousmatic Jug Band. It is conceived as an interactive show based on this concept: A stop-motion animation is projected and during regular breaks, the public can vote and thus choose how the story will unfold. Eight musicians play the score live while an actor is the narrator who manages the vote, explains the procedure (and occasionally comments the film). 

This project has already been presented in 2011 with success in venues throughout Switzerland. We woke up the project again recently to finalize it: we wanted to produce an interactive DVD of the film (with music recording) and to organize a new tour in Switzerland.

Film synopsis

Lenni doesn’t have any luck at all. Nothing seems to go the right way for him. On a particularly unlucky day, Lenni has a miraculous bit of luck: he discovers The Department of Misfortunes, which is responsible for everybody’s bad luck. At first, Lenni has trouble believing it and is devastated. Then he becomes hesitant. He could try to act something out against the Department of Misfortunes.

Will he try something? Destroy it? Stay in this situation?

These decisions and quite a few more are made by the audience who influences Lenni’s fate by voting. At each show,  a new story is told and projected, along which the live music is also new.

Why support us?

The Acousmatic Jug Band has invested a lot in this project and need your help to finalize the DVD. The music is recorded and the editing of the DVD is done, but the costs for pressing the DVD and the realization of the cover are not covered yet. 

In addition of this, the Department of Misfortune is a heavy structure that costs a lot when it comes to the live-shows (8 musicians + 1 actor + 1 technician) and very few venues can cover all expenses with wages to such a project that is self-produced for the most of it. If Acousmatic The Jug Band also wants to present this project in public without breaking the bank, he needs your support. We plan a Swiss tour with 7-10 dates for 2014/2015.

Rewards Puppets

Rewards props (furnitures & accessories including the computer of the Department of Misfortunes)

The Acousmatic Jug Band

  • Raoul Baumann – Keys
  • Vincent Borcard – Electronic
  • Benoît Gisler – electric guitar, film making, composition
  • Christoph Kuhn – cello
  • Raphael Ochsenbein – trumpet
  • Manuel Pasquinelli – drums
  • Simon Wyrsch – clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Lukas Wyss – trombone
  • Mario Sturny – actor
  • Bernhard Zitz – technician