But why are we doing this?

We are building our digital future. Hear it from our Founder Andras Lacko why blockchain technology matters…

Blockchain technology for emerging artists

The Otter Gallery adventure started in 2018 as a pop-up photography exhibition project. We eventually found our purpose in supporting emerging artists in search to kick start their careers and began our existence as a curator of artistic experiences catering for all the human senses and fostering artistic collaborations to support debuting artists. Organized into seasons, where 2019 was Season 1 and 2020 should have been Season 2.

Today and following a creative (pandemic) break our concerns have shifted, our initial concept required a comprehensive revamp and we have decided to embrace the digital turn. As such we found our digital purpose in supporting debuting and emerging artists with blockchain solutions. After screening the market for the perfect match, we connected the blocks with 4ARTapp, developed and powered by 4ARTechnologies.

«With the security and reliability of the blockchain as a foundation,» they «are bringing the mainly analog art market into the digital era». Their technology is not just a digital platform, it goes further. They have therefore developed the 4ARTpassport which «not only combines the unalterable recorded history of an artwork with its unique and always identifiable 4ARTdna, it also records every change of condition, of ownership».

TOG now strives to empower debuting and emerging artists to build, develop and maintain a sustainable digital or hybrid career. Our otters are building a framework and a community where artists can (learn how to) use the technology and empower themselves, as entrepreneurs, to build and lead their own careers. But the technology needs support (human and financial), guidance and education to be used at its best.


Building a digital framework with your contributions

The framework we are developing will be based on two pillars: technology and education. TOG will bring to its artists state-of-the-art technology for their career development. We will also empower our artists with entrepreneurial skills to help them stay competitive on the art market. The framework’s first goal is to implement the use of the 4ARTapp where artists can register, secure and trade artworks «with the security and reliability of the blockchain».

The funds collected with this campaign will allow us to

  • Campaign and source new talents
  • Enroll and onboard international artists
  • Establish a 4ARTpassport of every artwork which will be registered on the platform
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