What it is about?

The Doll Factory is a short dark movie genre produced by Phantom Columbia, directed by English director Richard Paraiso. Production is set to begin in January 2014. We need your help to finish this special movie, my second Baby.

We embrace the Tim Burton way of moviemaking! Our budgets are tight, our project management thorough, and promise a high standard every time. We ensure that every dollar spent on a film is seen on the screen!

The Doll Factory is an independent film produced outside traditional studio and government funded systems. So far we’ve invested our own money towards our $8000 budget, but we’re still $2000 short of making this film a reality!

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But your generous contribution will aid The Doll Factory in many ways and will go towards:

  • Producing promotional pre-production, production, and post-production materials
  • Equipment rentals, camera lenses, lighting gear and gels
  • Feeding our sizeable crew
  • Art department requirements such as location design and accessories rental
  • Location fees, filming licences, and transportation requirements