Hello World, what's good?

At the moment, not much. We presently live in a world that is clouded by bad news, most of the time at least. There is good news out there, there always has been – it is merely obscured by the who’s-taking-over-the-world-now type headlines.

So welcome to change!

The Good News is a form of media with a mission: to uncover, curate, and rekindle that goodness mankind has forgotten it always had.

The Good News released its first issue in 2012 and was distributed for free. The response was incredible, and people were thrilled to pick up our paper. Unfortunately, we could not keep up with production and distribution costs, so we put the project on pause. Now, we want to bring The Good News back to the world, to reach as many people as possible.

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We are raising CHF 3’000 to cover all outstanding production and distribution expenses, and hopefully to keep The Good News up and running.

If our target is met, a new issue of The Good Times will be waiting for you at this year’s ’I Never Read’ Art Book Fair, Basel, along with a special edition created (by you) at the fair! If we don’t, we will unfortunately not be able to cover those costs and will have to pause our project.

For every donation over CHF 25, you will get an original copy shipped to you wherever you are in the world!


We aim to distribute our paper for free, so for every support we want to give you a little more back!

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